Can't choose United Kingdom as shipping destination in the shop

Seems rather strange. Is this Britain bashing after Brexit?

I’m Dutch, but live in the UK, so it’s slightly awkward to have to ask relatives to send stuff on. Why can’t I select UK for shipping destination?

I looked for England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, but none are there.

It’s not intentional, there are some hints how to work around this glitch here …


@Michiel What problem do you have ?

See topics


Yes, it’s exactly that. The UK is not listed in the dropdown of countries that the shop will ship to.

I hope they will fix that soon, as they gave me a voucher, which will expire in a little while

In every topic linked to in the posts above users were eventually able to order to the UK. So if you have time constraints, perhaps just try the workarounds.

Ah, thanks. You’re right. When I change language to British, the shipping destination has only the UK in the dropdown. That’s a very peculiar way of managing the shop. What does the Interface language have to do with the shipping destination, that should be unrelated.

Ah, well, the mysteries of the internet.

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The interface language gives people in EU+ countries the option of using various languages. Ideally you should be able to use Dutch in the UK shop and pay in Euros or Sterling :slight_smile:

More the ineptness of programmers or the lack of foresight rather than a mystery of the Universe :slight_smile:

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cant update my shipping address as UK not on the drop down list anymore is this just me or Brexshit?

I’ve moved your post here as it’s indeed not just you, see higher :wink:


Hi just checking you have it sorted :slight_smile:


thank you so much Alex - wouldn’t have got there without you! :slight_smile:


ty yes thank goodness!


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