Electronic card oxidized

Hi everyone,

I dropped my fairphone in the toilet a couple of weeks back and now the repair center told me that the “electronic card oxidized”. They understandably won’t repair it because of improper use but I’m unclear what the electronic card is exactly and where it might be located. I would try a repair myself if I knew which part to exchange. Maybe someone here can help?

Thank you!

The electronic card is actually a collection of water sensitive spots, that change colour once wetted, so noticing that means the phone will not be repaired under warranty but it will be fixed if you pay :frowning:


Further what did you do once you retrieved it, my daughter did the same, dismantled and dried the parts, I asked her to dismantle it a second time and get it to dry in cool to warm flowing air for at least two days. The phone has been fine for months since.

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They didn’t offer me to pay to have it fixed, it was just sent back with that comment and that they wouldn’t fix it. Maybe I can reach out again and ask for it to be fixed.

I dismantled it, dried it for days, etc. Mine was also fine for weeks but now it has stopped working.

That is a bit odd ?? as it is business for them. There is a Fairphone emplyee that drops in here now and then who may help. Anyway try emailing via support[at]fairphone[.]com rather than going through the website rigmarole, I image that that is what you were thing of anyway.

When you say stopped working, was it a gradual problem or suddenly unable to charge or something.

By the way, did the repair centre say that following your explanation, not having seen the phone?

If they haven’t seen it yet it may be worth trying again to dismantle, clean etc. again.

No, they saw the phone. It was sent to the repair centre in France. I have the phone with a Vodafone contract, so maybe that’s why they supposed I wouldn’t want to pay out of pocket. But I’ll contact the support about it!

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Yes it’s odd they didn’t offer to repair once they received it, maybe they will at least forego some shipping costs if you send it again.

Products are considered out-of-warranty if the malfunction or defects occur after the warranty period has expired or where a warranty exclusion applies. In this case, Fairphone will inform you of the availability, price, and other conditions applicable to out-of-warranty service of the products. If you do not wish to have products repaired, Fairphone will return the products to you and charge you shipping, handling and diagnostics costs.

I only can imagine, that it’s considered to be beyond repair.

And my assumption would be, that electronic card oxidation is referring rather to the PCB than to just some indicators.
And since water can enter into the smallest parts modules etc. (e.g. under all the things that are soldered to the circuit board and in the modules), it might have not been enough to dry the phone for just 2 days.
Take a look at the "Electronics Water Damage wiki" of iFixIT or at this article of a company that is selling waterproofing solutions to the industry.


Hi Fee

If it happens that you give up on repairs, maybe you can gift the phone to a #fairphoneangel who may be able to salvage some parts…

You don’t say where you are, via your profile, but I’m in the UK and would be happy to pay a small amount to receive it if it comes to binning it. :slight_smile:

My phone has now completely stopped working but I am sure, some people could use the spare parts. Where can I offer those? I’m based in Berlin, so it probably doesn’t make sense to send it to you.

Try contacting berlin@fairphone dot ***********
See 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members)

I already did when my phone initially broke but they never emailed me back. Maybe I’ll give it another try. Thank you!

I’m pretty sure someone on the forum who lives near you will pick up on this and ask for it, but if in a few days you get no response send me a DM and I will give you my address and send you some Euros :slight_smile:

You can also address the group here in the forum (it’ll address the same group as the mail address mentioned above): @angels_berlin


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