Ear speaker suddenly stoped working

My top speaker stopped working, and the bottom speaker started working all the time.
Rebooting the phone did not help.
Detaching the top module and attaching again did not help.
I bought the brand new top module for Fairphone 3+. Did not help.
Test ##66## > Service test > Speaker allowed my phone to reproduce Chinese song from the bottom, load speaker, not earspeaker.
However, the phone produced sound through the earphone while testing the microphone using another test app: Speaker and mic > Receiver and mic https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idea.PhoneDoctorPlus
I loaded in safe mode but it did not help to hear sound from the ear speaker. Factory reset also did not help.
Any suggestions?

I had a similar sounding problem. Earspeaker used instead of loudspeaker, unable to switch - #4 by schlubbi The problem went away temporarily after i plugged in a headset and unplugged it again. Does that work?


Thank you for your post.
Unfortunately plugging headphones did not fix the problem. I am thinking to sell the phone’s spare parts or to buy a motherboard.

The ear speaker is a separate module. If you have a #fairphoneangel you can meet up with they may have a spare top module, it may just be that.

It may also just be dirt or poor contacts and you may be able to remove it, clean it and replace it.

A new one is here

You can also ask for maybe a second hand one here on the forum, via a new topic

Hello, Amount.
I have bought a brand new one. After replacing the same problem.

I decided to flash e/os/ and see does it helps. But found Android 13 for my model. After flashing the speaker start working again!

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