/e/ OS Q (Android 10) for FP3/FP3+

What is the difference between install /e/ for Q and upgrade for Q ? Understood that all data will be deleted also for upgrade. Therefore, why upgrade instead of clean install?
I have /e/ for Android 9 installed. Shall I upgrade to 10?

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The upgrade documentation https://doc.e.foundation/q-upgrade-fp3 indeed looks identical to the install instructions.


I can’t really answer if you should do an upgrade instead of a clean install. I did a clean install on my FP3+ and so far everything seems to be working. Actually, looking at the upgrade documentation and the install documentation, the processes are identical anyway, so it’s basically a clean install.
The only difference is the handy link to the Howtoo for flashing on linux at the bottom

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As I will in future also install the new camera I will do the clean install for 3/3+. Thanks!

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Someone in a french topic was (more or less) wondering whether it was possible to restore a google drive backup on /e/ if you’re signed in with a google account. Does someone have the answer?

The way I understood it: they are in the process of including seedvault as “backup transport” (IIRC that’s the name) and I think it’s exclusive in the sense that only one app/service can be “registered” as system backup solution. And I’m quite certain that seedvault cannot restore a backup created with the standard Google Android backup.


Hi there. I am currently on the LOS 16.0 for FP3 because /e/ refuesed to take the easy route towards implementing exposure notifications. Now they appear to geht their act together, I expect to go back to /e/ as soon as Corona Warn is usable.

I have two questions though. First, has anyone already managed to root /e/ under Q? Have there been any difficulties? Installing Magsik created a bootloop under /e/ pie.

And the second question: in case a root is possible, has anyone have experience with creating an app backup with OAndBackupX? Would it possibly work to back up apps on LOS and restore them to /e/?

Thanks ins advance!

I know someone who tried under LOS 17.1@FP2, but it didn’t work. The backup didn’t even start, perhaps because he has ~300 apps and that’s too many :man_shrugging:
Though I have no idea whether the difference of phone and OS will make any difference. Just talking about my experience.

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