Dolphin Emulator on FP4


can someone check if it is possible to install Dolphin Emulator on the Fairphone 4?

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Right now no one has reported having received her or his FP4 yet in this forum, so I think you will need to wait a bit until someone can try it for you. Have an eye on the forum to see when the first devices “touch ground”. :wink: Once that happens, I recommend you post here again to bring your request back into attention.


No one apart from @Stanzi :wink:

Well, I’d love to help, but yesterday I uninstalled,, com.qualcomm.location and com.qualcomm.qti.optinoverlay, and now my phone doesn’t boot anymore…
These are all packages that apparently can be uninstalled on the FP3 without any problems (see here and here), but it broke my FP4. I hope that I can fix it without needing to reset the device completely, since I already copied some data on it and I don’t want to set up everything again.


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I would like to apologize for not knowing that most people are still waiting for their phones :sweat_smile:.

Overall though Emulation on the Snapdragon 750G seems to perform fine. I’m looking forwards to purchase a Fairphone 4, once a LineageOS or /e/OS build for it comes out


I did a quick test running Mario Kart Wii. There was a lot of stuttering, but at many times the game was running very smoothly around 60fps.

So I definitely think there is potential, but for now I haven’t tinkered enough with the settings to know whether a stable smooth experience is possible or not on the FP4.

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On my side I’m playing 3DS games with Citra Emulator and it’s really smooth as well. :smiley:
I’ve got some slow down when the game have to show elaborated animations/visual effects, and it got a couple time crashed, but on overall it’s playable nicely :slight_smile:

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My observations:
Dolphin (Wii) emulation on the FP4 with /e/OS is quite good. For anyone interested here is Sonic Colours (Wii) with stable 30 FPS: Video (on MEGA). Gamecube games run well as well (Sonic Heroes), Wii titles that struggle at times can work nicely, albeit with some framerate drops, with 30 FPS hacks and underclocking (MK Wii). 3DS emulation is worse than Wii emulation for some reason (although it might be that I don’t know how to configure Citra correctly, tested with MK7 and Mii Maker). PSP emulation is nice and stable (tested with Kangurek Kao). Other emulators will thus also probably run pretty well (Dreamcast, PS1, Xbox etc.). The only thing in your way might be the battery, so don’t expect to finish Monster Hunter Tri in one go :sweat_smile:


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