Does Fairphone have a donation plan?


Been a FP user for a while now, lost my FP1 :disappointed_relieved:, abandoned my FP2 and now happy with FP4.

Was just wondering if FP also have some kind of donation scheme in place, because I find it personally
important that these kind of initiatives are there?

So, what (more) can I do to help you ?

Greetings Lau

Some community service :slight_smile:

Welcome :wave: to the Fairphone Community :community_round:

There is no donation scheme, but if you have some time to volunteer, you might want to have a look into this:

You can also look out for other Fairphoners in your area, perhaps some are interested in meeting up or link up in any other way around the Fairphone project. Here’s a place to start:


That seems like some sort of misconfiguration. I’m not sure who would be able to fix that.
In any case, it’s not a URL that Fairphone themselves use/promote actively, to my knowledge. It also does not seem to be hosted at the same place as the official .com domain.

If you’re thinking of a donation in form of just “throwing money at them”, I think those times are over. If you don’t need one of their devices yourself, you could promote the idea or gift products or gift cards to others who might have a use for it. (Hypothetically, if you get a gift card and don’t ever use it, that might also be considered a donation :wink: ).


The error is reported to and dealt with by Fairphone soon.
The error does not happen for me.


Thinking about donation, I am not sure if this is what @lauwie, you have been asking about, but Fairphone has a loyalty programme, Keep Club where you can donate your points to the charity they work with