Does a android 9 updated FP2 have its bootloader unlocked?

Hello again. I know that this is somewhat of a redundant inquiry, but I was advised to create a separate post.

As I had mentioned before. I am getting ready to acquire a FP2 from a vendor in Germany who is being kind enough to pre install Fairphone Android 9 upgrade.

I wanted to play around with a dual boot option on my soon to be acquired FP2 and wanted to know…

“Does a android 9 updated FP2 have its bootloader unlocked?”

If anyone can confirm, please let me know. I read on the Fairphone support section that on the FP3 you need to run an app to force unlock the boot loader, whereas on the FP2 it is unlocked by default.

If someone would be so kind and advise me on what the process is for a android 9 upgraded FP2, that would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!


The bootloader oft the FP2 is unlocked, installing different OS is quite easy, however when you mean woth dual boot to install 2 OS simultaneously, that’s AFAIK not possible.You would have to switch by using TWRP backups, but this would normally mean to loose personal data like pictures, as those are not included in a backup, also TWRP would be lost with each OTA FPOS update and would need to be reflashed or rebootet each time.


What kind of option do you have in mind?
EFIDroid only worked for a brief period of time long ago on the Fairphone 2 as far as I know … EFIDroid (multiboot) for the Fairphone 2

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Yes. As far as I know the version and flavour of android that you have installed is independent from the question whether the bootloader is (un)locked, and vice versa.

Even when the bootloader is locked, Fairphone makes it easy to unlock it. So the most important part is: it doesn’t matter, you can unlock it if it is locked.

Dual-booting is not really a supported thing though.

hello and thank you all so much for the replies :slight_smile:

I was looking to dual boot FP2 for ubuntu to do android programming and then switch to android 9 for testing.

I will just use the phone for android 9 and use my laptop dual boot into ubuntu with emulator for apk testing.

again, thank you all!

You want to run Android Studio to do Android programming and the FP2 is definitely not powerful enough to run Android Studio on anyway. I recently doubled my RAM from 4GB to 8GB just because my laptop kept locking up while running Android Studio. So even if you could dual boot, not worth it for your use case :slight_smile:

Greetings T.L.P.
Thanks for all of your insight to date.

Quick question if I may?
Just got my FP2 form Italy, changed OS from Lineage to FP2 OS Android 9 - works great!

Now, I want to root my FP2 so I can get access to the build.prop files and so on.

When I try to root via “adb root” command, I get the error “adbd cannot run as root in production builds”

Am I missing something?
I have read here on the FP2 forum that there was a way, but the link is dead:

Any thoughts?

To root you need to install Magisk

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The wiki has moved here (but I’m afraid it’s still outdated, so better follow the advice @yvmuell gave you):


Thank you FP2 community. I think I will play with the Open Source version and sideload GApps instead of trying to root the stock Android version.

I have another FP2 question, but I will ask it under separate cover.

Thank you all!


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