Do we really need a new Forum design again 🙄

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The title basically says it all…

Is the forum broken or was there data loss?
Flashing SailfishOS?

How about making it a poll?
With maybe some suggestions/explanations on different designs.

I don’t really think, that a new design is needed.
On the other hand, when it comes to maybe restructuring the forum to make it more easy finding topics, that’s another piece of cake.


I’ll reserve my verdict for later. As for now, I guess the re-grouping of categories was only just implemented and Stefan and Paula who mainly seem to have initiated this over the last couple of months might still provide some new category explanations. As for now, I would be interested to learn what the difference between “Community” and “Participate” would be (or is the former just a “left-over” from before the re-grouping?).


It’s a bit late to pitch in now. This was in the making since Summer ’17:


Oh, sorry.
I have missed completely, that the restructuring has started.
Still I remember some discussion about it.
It seems to be work in progress, as “participate” seems to be an empty category so far.
I wonder, if the existing topics will be moved or if the “old” categories will just be closed for adding new threads?


This was one post above yours in that topic. :slight_smile:

We will tidy everything up in the upcoming hours (move everything so that the old categories remain empty). The idea was to make the categories more consistent and easier to understand for new forum members. We will see how this works out in the next days and weeks.


I don’t use categories much, but … looking good :+1: .

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