DIY-Rooting for Dummies or Waiting for final Fairphone OS?


on Tuesday my Fairphone 2 arrived. But I don’t know how to use it, because I don’t want to use a restricted, unrooted and Google-infected system.

I try to understand the Build Instructions at and the How To for Compiling Fairphone OS in the forum. I am unsure how to realize it by myself with my little english skills (I am a German native speaker) - and only a Windows 7 PC, because sadly I did not even switch to linux (my favorite is Debian with its strict Open Source principle).

An alternative would be to wait for the official, final Fairphone OS, but I could not find a road map with dates to see, how long I would have to wait for the expected release.

Another way would be to find a Fairphone user nearby with better technical skills to change the system on my smartphone.

Are there other users with similar thoughts? What are your plans?
Or does an understandable instruction already exist?


Well, at least there’s a pretty easy way to root the phone :slight_smile: Look in this topic, first posting version 2.B)
But be careful with uninstalling the Google stuff, other users had serious problems when they tried it…


:gb: Hello @Gestalterrier, I understand your English quite well, but what do I know (also a German native [from Austria])… :wink: There is no need to compile the whole FP OSOS because the great Fairphone community has found an easier solution:

I suggest you go straight to 1B) (recommended for standard users) and 2B) (for Windows).

:de: Du kannst hier im Forum natürlich auch auf Deutsch schreiben! :slight_smile:

PS.: I moved the post here because it is not about software, but the OP seeks advice from the community.
Edit: @Irina_Spitznagel war schneller, aber doppelt hält besser! :slight_smile:

Guten Tag my german friend and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You might want to try this thread (in english) if you want to find help on building your own fairphoneOS. You might find someone kind enough to provide you with links to his version of the fairphoneOS by PM (please note that it’s forbidden to share ROMs for the moment. Fairphone said they were working on solutions three weeks ago but we don’t have news about it since.

@Irina_Spitznagel’s link worked well for me too. Just be aware that you can’t have a fully Google-free phone with a Gapps-tainted ROM (because google apps replace some of Android’s functionalities).

If you feel like it, you might start a german thread for building the OS ! I suggest you emulate a GNU/Linux distro with virtualbox if you want to build fairphoneOS.

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First quarter of 2016 is the only vague statement I heard so far. I believe the software team will first concentrate on fixing some bugs before they shift their efforts towards final development of the FP osos.


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Wo bist du denn her?
Ich stehe vor genau (naja, root ist kein “muss” für mich=) dem gleichen Problem, versuche grade das OSOS-image zu kompilieren.

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@Stefan: As @Gestalterrier wrote that the system should be GSM-free, I suppose @Gestalterrier would also need FP OSOS first, rooting can then be achieved via the route you suggested, yes, but only afterwards.

@Bergziege: In the profile, @Gestalterrier’s location is indicated as Mülheim, NRW.
@Gestalterrier: Perhaps you can ask people from the nearby Düsseldorf local community, if someone there is more techsavvy and can help you.

If not you should follow @Arvil’s advices, I suppose. Even though I hope that the official FP OSOS will become available soon, I would not count on it if you need your phone urgently… :frowning:

Achso, und wenn du Fragen auf deutsch stellen willst, kannst du das auch. Hier gibt es so ein oder zwei Deutschsprachige… :wink:

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:de: Einige sogar… Wenn dir mit root geholfen ist, dann folge wirklich mal der Anleitung hier:
Ich hab die B Variante von Punkt 2 geschrieben und die ist auf Windows User ohne großes technisches Verständnis ausgelegt. Im Normalfall bist du damit in 10 Minuten durch. Feedback fänd ich auch interessant, um zu wissen, ob man das noch verständlicher schreiben muss, oder ob klar ist, was zu tun ist :slight_smile: Ansonsten hier ruhig auch auf Deutsch fragen, wie @merci ja schon gesagt hat. Es gibt einige die da gern helfen :slight_smile:



Thank you for all your answers so far.

I know that I can write in German, but I thought that there could be a little bit more response when writing in English (learned at school, in the last years only practiced in english support forums, last spoken at one week in Barcelona in summer 2006).

I don’t think that rooting the Google-system only is a way I can be satisfied with. And starting a german thread for building the OS with no technical practice? I don’t know what I could write :frowning:
Then Arvils hint for a solution via PM should be a better way.

:de: Richtig, merci, ich wohne im Ruhrgebiet :slight_smile:

Who do you mean with “she”? Thank you also for the hint to the local group.

@ Moritz:
:de: Soweit ich das verstanden habe, geht es dabei lediglich um das reine Rooten, daher ist das für mich nicht so interessant. Das liest sich beim ersten Überfliegen aber schon recht verständlich, ja :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I thought about that later, this is why I did not do any assumptions later on :wink: I’ll edit my post - I just find it quite cumbersome to write without personal pronouns sometimes and at least as annoying to write “he” all the time - if I don’t know :wink: