I want more frequent updates from the development department

I think a more frequent development update on what is going on would be highly appreciated.

My fairphone still sleeps in its packaging most of the time… I use it only for cardboard VR at the moment. So as the OP and many others I am waiting for the FPOSOS.

Besides that, I have another question in mind… is there any information whether a recovery image (e.g. a “clockwork light”) will be available? Surely the software development department knows if it is planned or not.

I really hope for something like a weekly dev report with some known issues that will be smashed in a future release and maybe how they were fixed. And like stated the development state the OSOS is in. I really really want to start using my fairphone. :kissing_heart:

And to emphazise: I dont mean a two page long report but just a short statement. :blush:


I guess there will be no “official”, but only a custom recovery image by the community. There has already been made some progress to port TWRP to the FP2.

There is a software issue report, which was updated just 3 days ago.

I don’t know if a description of how they fixed issues will be easy to create or can be written clearly presentable, short enough and understandable for those people reading it. And I’m not sure if there are enough people interested in these technical details at all. Anyway, that would probably be something for the DEV category in the forum rather than the support site or the blog.

I think it’s more or less clear from @paulakreuzer’s post and link how the status is: Bugs and software update are probably handled with priority at the moment and then they may put more emphasis on the OSOS again. I think that when they have news on the OSOS, they will share it. As we haven’t heard of anything in this direction the last few days, there might just be nothing new. :wink:


You should direct this request to Fairphone support, as this forum is led by the community and Fairphone employees don’t read all posts.