Day and date on home screen

A very small issue but I’ll ask anyway:
I now have two lines on my home screen with day and date: one in the top of the screen (where I used to have a search bar - I don’t miss that, though) and one as part of my clock. Does anyone know if it is possible to get rid of one of them? It is not a problem but I find it a bit annoying.

Would I need another launcher (if this is the case, any suggestions?)? I am currently running the standard launcher, that is I haven’t downloaded a new one to the phone.

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Yes, you do need a launcher. I can’t endorse one, unfortunately.

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Please refer to this issue:

Is it possible that you have disabled the Google app? That would explain why you see the At a Glance widget instead of the search bar.


Ah, yes I believe you are right! I am not a big fan of Google so I am trying to avoid the Google apps on my phone. And somehow I’ve managed to remove the search bar and got the day and date (which apparently is called At a Glance) instead.

It used to show calendar events, weather etc. Used to. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you would like to have an alternative search bar there (instead of the date), you can try this:

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