Cyanogenmod 11 for Fairphone FP1(U) Install guide + experiences

I strongly hope, that someone will bring a CM12 (Android L) to the Mediatek chipset sometime, and that chrmhoffmann will port it to Fairphone…


I’m not really sure but I think I already read an article about lollipop for mediatek SoC…

chrmhoffmann seems to have abandoned his ROM. Is there any chance, that Fairphone takes over and officially supports CM for their devices? This would be a huge selling point for the Fairphone. (For now, there is only one smartphone I know of that comes with CM out of the box, that’s the Oppo N1) More than anything, I am really missing the granular permissions for apps, that CM offers.

Given that the Fairphone community is so small, the number of potential volunteers with the necessary skills is also quite limited, so I really would think that it needs some support from the vendor to get this going anywhere.


Oh no!

I don’t know if this is anything like it, but did you try out XPrivacy?

Disclaimer: haven’t been on CM yet, since I wanted to wait until it’s really solidly ported for the FP. Damn, I was counting on chrmhoffmann …


The problem with these one-man projects really is: You cannot count on them. It can alway happen that someone backs out and looses interest. Happens all the time on xda-developers.

You need a stable team, else that’s just what you have to expect. I really think fairphone should take a more active role in bringing CM to its devices. That would make it truly awesome on the software side!


In my opinion, the problem is that FP as a company seems to rely on people like chrmhoffmann. They obviously have an employee like keesj to serve the hardware with suitable software, but somehow it still depends on community members like chrmhoffmann to port the software to their hardware.
I definitely second that, johannes: FP would be awesome if it supported CM and base their firmware on CM. I`m not sure whether FP as a company needs more resources to achieve this, have other problems or just don’t set the focus on the software. However, I think, that the software is one of the most important drivers to bring an indie-project forward, so they should put extreme focus on that.
Currently, I can’t endorse FP to other friends interested in fair and sustainable electronics because it lacks a software upgrade path. which is necessary to make a product really sustainable. If I was FP, this was my number 1 priority if I wanted the project to survive the next 2 years and to stay true to their values like sustainability.

BTW, I tried Xprivacy now, but it’s not nearly as comfortable like the CM privacy settings. I’m just overwhelmed and have no idea what to allow and what to disallow.


Is there some way to use MTK droid Tools with ubuntu? I couldn’t find anything…

Haven’t tested, but these might help:

Do you see any chance in convincing FP to support Cyanogenmod?
This lack of software freedom was one of my main selling points and still is the biggest disappointment by far.

This may spark hope, but only if FP trys to finally keep ther promises!

Could FP please make an (positive :slight_smile: ) statement to this topic?

Anyway, thanks for your work

I think they would be convinced really fast, if it was legally possible. They are actively looking into ways of collaboration with Mediatek:

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did anybody try this CyanogenMod-Installer for Fairphone from the Fdroid-Repo:

The description (below attached) sounds good to me, although I don’t want to be the first to try/brick my phone.


CyanogenMod Install HelperOneClickAndroid
has a single function – to guide users to enable “ADB”, a built in
development and debugging tool, and then navigates the user to the
desktop installer. The desktop application then performs the
installation of the CyanogenMod on their Android device.Antifeatures:
NonFreeAdd - installer for non-Free software, and NonFreeDep - requires
another non-free operating system to do the installation.License: Apache2Issue Tracker:

Yes I have installed it, but you can’t go past step 2 because the FP is not officially supported by CM.

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I think the problem is always the same as the Ubuntu Touch phone (Ubuntu phone on FP1, (similar hardware as the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu)).
once you’ve got the source for the SoC, you’ll need all the other source (camera, GPS, …) to get cyanogenmod working flawless on FP…
and i think that there is something going on with fairphone and cyanogen mod. The FP team never mention the ROM as something possible for our beloved phone (if you read all the statement about the future of FP, you’ll notice that Ubuntu, Firefox OS, are both considered as possibilities…this does not regard the CM).
let’s see what happend with the FP2.
also…the android one project is financed by google…that means money…a lot of (money that mediatek will enjoy a lot! :smile: ). I think that that’s the main reason why android one will have source code released and fairphone will not

I thought that the reply I made into this thread whould show up here as well, so just a brief comment that I posted a possible related issue regarding another custom rom, MIUI, on this other thread.

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Google says that those MTK Droid Root & Tools are virus-infected… I don’t want to risk my Windows so is there any chance to get this ROM on the FP with official/secure tools?

Maybe they say this to avoid using alternative software? :wink:
If you’re worried about virus and/or malwares you could use a virtual machine on which install this tools, in order to avoid installing them on your main system :smile:


There are no official tools for it. Droid Root & Tools seems fairly stable / secure to me. Check out their thread on

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Hey everyone!
As it is quite unlikely to get a fix for Stagefright bug at this stage I can only recommend everyone still using Cyanogenmod to perform one of these measures:

  1. Install App TextSecure and use it as a replacement for your SMS and MMS program. TextSecure is the only alternative SMS / MMS Program I know of, which is by default not prone to attacks using the stagefright bug. See also.
  2. If you would like to keep using Hangouts or the standard SMS / MMS app or any other Messaging App for receiving MMs. Please check, that you have deactivated automatic MMS download.

Anyway: Please don’t open MMS from unknown sources anyway.



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