Miui for Fairphone?

Since apparently using CyanogenMod in Fairphone is something unlikely to happen in a short period of time or with enough warranties to make a regular use of the device (see forum’s message), I started to look for an alternative custom rom which I used to use on my old HTC Desire with really good results: MIUI.

For those who don’t know MIUI is a custom rom which used to be based on Cyanogenmod and offers a great variety of customizations and special launcher, not to mention that it gets offers weekly updates over the air. At the time of writing this post the latest version is v6, which uses Android 4.4.4

Although you can’t see the fairphone on the officially supported devices, to my surprise I realised that they have a special section for devices using mediatek chipsets, so I performed a search looking for MT6589 (which is the chipset used in our Fairphones -see specs- although it’s not clear to me if it’s only used on FPU or in FP1) and I found this thread saying that miui indeed supports those chipsets amongst others, which apparently is good news.

So I am wondering if any more experienced user would advice to make a try with it or nor. (I will try to do it myself whenever I have some free time and I manage to make a copy of everything and I am sure I can’t lose anything or brick my device).

Hopefully someone has a saying on this.