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Hi Stefan, our ‘in-house’ team has 14 members (3 joined in October). We also collaborate with an external party (Xtrasource) that focuses on the support calls, but I can’t give you the exact number on their side.


Adding a quick comment to thank you for the transparency and graph. Likes are nice, but hopefully a few extra comments are even more likely to encourage future stats like this. Love it!


Hi all, quick update on the Customer Support reply time :slightly_smiling_face:
This is the status for the month of September, as you can see the team has been managing to keep the reply rate around 24h. :raised_hands:
No changes in the team number, if you were wondering. Any questions, please let me know!


Nice to see the chart is now displayed in hours instead of days :wink:

Has the total amount of new/open tickets decreased as well?


Sorry, I forgot to add the chart for the ticket summary.
Here it is:


Just want to say “many thanks” !
I had a problem with my camera and primary microphone:
I contacted the support on Monday and got my new moduls on Thursday.
Today I send the broken moduls back for recycle.
This is fantastic !


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Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to provide a short update on the current support status.

Due to the recent launch of our new Fairphone 3+ and our Android 10 release, we are experiencing a significant increase in the number of support requests. Therefore, if you are experiencing an issue and have sent in a support request, in order to prevent further delay, we would like to ask you not to create multiple requests.

Our support team is doing their best to respond to tickets as soon as possible. To face the current workload more efficiently, we are also in the process of increasing the capacity of our customer support team. Please bear with us while we work on this matter.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.




Is there an official list of bugs/issues that are being experienced that are being worked on and could be shared. This may help as it may not be necessary for people to report issues you already are aware of and working on fixes for.


Dear Rae,

How many colleagues does Fairphone currently employ in customer support, how many are planned?

Typical growth pains …

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