Charging does not work properly

these support forums exist because many people have issues with their fairphones. hopefully many of those issues have been addressed with the latest release

This community-led forum exists for community-support and -discussions. And you didn’t post about your current problems before stating “real support is nearly impossible to find”. It sounds like your battery is dead although you didn’t give much information between all that BS about how much of a “piece of junk” the fairphone is!
If the environment means anything to you please contact Support to get a battery replacement instead of buying a whole new phone. And if you have any other problems contact support about them too or post them here on the forum (with more details than devastating generalizations please).

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yes Paul… because people are going to wait weeks for a replacement battery while having no working phone…hardly likely for anyone let alone myself as i am currently tethering pc internet from a mobile phone. I have contacted support, suggested reply (let alone action) is 3 days. my fairphone was under spec when it was released, i was aware of that when i purchased it but still did so. this is my first smartphone because I waited for an ethical one to be produced… meanwhile what were you using? an apple perhaps? hold the judgement.
the fairphone is well known to have a multitude of issues, nothing is perfect and early days yet, as stated previously I really do hope that the issues are resolved promptly with the subsequent releases. I would hope that fairphone is able to hold its own, rather than just being suggestive to other manufacturers that there is an ethical market (in itself a good thing)
less than 1 year in and my phone is completely non-functional, that is sub-standard. hopefully i can get a relatively prompt and inexpensive remedy to this situation. I will still have a phone that does random things, often has no idea where it is (even after the ridiculous amount of forum suggested gps fixes), has a substandard camera, not enough ram etc, intermittent charging (not uncommon according to this forum)… that is the price that i paid, but i still expect the phone to work less than 1 year in

perhaps instead of just being a defensive fanboy you could (as a moderator) link me to where I would purchase a battery, it does not appear to be listed in accessories or spare parts (have to assume i am missing it as it is an odd, concerning and unlikely omission )

thank you

Sorry replacement batteries seem to be out of stock atm, but if you didn’t mistreat your phone you’ll still get one free of charge from support (you have 2 years warranty).

  • With random things I assume you are talking about ghost touches? This could be related to the battery so hopefully it will be fixed once you get the new one.

  • Yes there are lots of posts about GPS and I’m sorry that I can’t direct you to an easy fix for any GPS-related problem, but did you see the GPS Guide? I compiled some problems, workarounds and solutions there.

  • Charging problems obviously could be related to the batter as well but just in case you’ll still have them afterwards take a look at the Battery Guide

  • Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the camera and ram, since FP1 is not modular, but I hope you can live with that.

I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot and I can guarantee you that the “real support” - unlike me - will stay friendly and calm all the time. :smile:

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thank you for the battery guide link Paul
I have received a reply from ff support that also includes the steps to take as outlined in the guide:
“1. Use the battery up until it is below 0% (until the phone dies).
2. Take the battery out of the phone.
3. Plug your charger into the phone (still without battery).
4. Insert your battery. (This will give the battery a kick)
5. Charge your phone in one go until 100%. Do not boot.”

support however states “You can also take out the battery. Then connect the Fairphone to the charger (plugged to the net). After a few minutes, put the battery back in. Then a loading battery icon should appear for a few seconds. If so, please keep on charging for more than an hour because the battery probably was drained to its max.”

I believe the mention of leaving the phone plugged in for a few minutes prior to inserting the battery shoudl be included in the guide?

This process worked for me once, the phone switched on, showed 6% charge, then beeped (low battery warning) before turning off. I have not been able to successfully repeat this process

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You’re right, I added it to the guide.
Hope you can fix your phone soon.

I must say that I found my battery being replaced after 1.5 years under warranty
quite exceptional good support. Most batteries are either excluded from warranty or only for a very limited time.

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my phone now accepts charge via usb from pc (4 days to reach 99% charge), but does not accept charge via car or a multitude of AC adapters. very odd.

Again: a possible sign of a dead or bloating battery. Be sure to check the bloating carefully.

Hi, did you find a solution for the battery charging issue? Mine wont charge at all now - i’ve tried four different chargers. I’m left without a working phone, i’ve had one problem after the other with this phone and i’m thinking of just trying to get my money back - it looks like the battery issue is a common one so maybe a design fault? So disappointed as i love the concept of this phone but need a reliable phone for work :frowning:

Why don’t you write to Support and tell them what’s happening with your phone. Let them try to help you.

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Yes i have written thanks…

Since the update to 1.8.7 I also experience that my phone doesn’t load when turned on, and it only loads very slowly when turned off.(

So the very first thing you did is checking if the battery is beginning to swell (as suggested many times)?

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Hi Jann,

The problem just went away after I removed the battery a few times. But it
took me a fee days.

I even forgot about this problem!

Hopefully you are also lucky!



Hi Theo,

Mine charged again thanks to some luck I think, I did not have this problem
again except once. Hopefully FF support can help you with your phone! I
agree you need one which works proper.

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