Charging Bug of FP4

It happened twice now that I plugged in the charger but the FP4 (A13) did not start charging. After conducting a restart, charging starts with no problems.
Happened for the first time a few weeks ago. Thereafter the problem did not occur, but today the exact same behaviour occurred. Both times, it could be fixed easily by restarting the phone.
Did this happen to somebody else, yet?

Once or twice I had a similar issue time ago. I thought it could be dust in the USB port. I bought protections, the issue gone and I didn’t care again.

FP4, eOS, A12

Beware, correlation doesn’t mean causation.
Did you restart the phone without moving it? Because if there is a bad contact somewhere (between phone and cable, in the cable itself, between cable and charger), simply picking up the phone to reboot it might have helped…

Check indeed the USB port for dirt, and if this happens again check if simply wiggling the cable fixes this.
Also, dial *#*#2886#*#* in the same way you enter a phone number to make a call. This calls up the Service Menu, in which you will find a long list of tests. Scroll down and select an entry called “USB/Charger”. This tests the charging.
You should see something like “USB: OK, Charging: OK, Current: OK” (“Current: OK/NOK” means fast/slow charging) and the values of the charging current. To stop the test, simply tap on FAIL or PASS (doesn’t matter which one).


First of all, Service Menu doesn’t work. The call is declined after 2sec.

And there is absolutely no fault with the cable.
I tried multiple connections with the phone in my hand.
The first time, problem kept occuring for half an hour until I restarted the phone.

You mean the Service Menu goes away after 2 seconds? :open_mouth:
That’s strange, but seems to indicate some software issue with the phone, indeed. Which would explain why restarting it fixes the problem, temporarily.

I guess contacting contactsupport is your best option.

I can’t even enter the Service Menu.
This is what it looks like

You can also access the menu from thr My Fairphone App. Should you not have FPOS installed the menu is not available

Thank you. Could find it in the application easily.
This is what the test reveals

That’s what it looks like when everything is normal. Now try doing the test when your phone refuses to charge.