Celebrating 5 years of Fairphone 2 - slim case offer

Hi everyone :sunflower:,

As you all know, we started with the Android 9 roll-out yesterday. To celebrate this milestone and 5 years of Fairphone 2, we’d like to offer you a Fairphone 2 slim case in a color of your choice for just €1 and shipping costs.

If you’d like one, copy the discount code and place your order. At the Checkout page, click on Enter Discount Code , paste the code and hit Apply .


While stocks last and T&C’s apply.

For any questions, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Sent from my FP2 with cracked cover number 5 but still first bottom modul :laughing:.


Can’t believe it! I ordered a new one a couple of weeks ago!
Would have waited if I’d known…

I am experiencing difficulty ordering - is this because I am in the UK?

Maybe you’ve the similar problem as mentioned e.g. here?


Thanks for the advice, I can see the flag at the to right is set to the UK and the shop offers delivery. The shop recognises me but when I go to checkout the website displays my name and address and states:

" Shipping methods

Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time"

and there is no way to proceed.

Apologies - it’s working now! Thanks again @Volker


Great news!

I get the same issue as Iain above though - previously I’ve ordered through the UK-specific shop, but that doesn’t offer the cases. Maybe I need to go through the process in a specific order?

Aha, all sorted. I removed all items from basket, changed country from UK and back again, and started seeing prices in GBP rather than EUR - that did the trick!


Order done! Happy b-day FP2!!


Just arrived, my phone is looking all fresh and fancy :blush: Thanks!


Many thanks for this generous offer lasting for so long. Hopefully all will by fine with my phone for the time to come. I would had taken this offer if I wasn’t already satisfied to my highest degree as my phone operates and looks just as I wish it to. Nothing to change.
For me it’s my first smartphone and your product meets my expectations to the fullest satisfaction. No complaints so far. An every day gadget, take it - use it, no hassle.
Maybe I’ll give Android 9 a try, but I still would miss the sim soft-switch feature or did I miss something about this meanwhile? Keep on :+1:


Smart move! I held on to a cracked screen and cover for several months now because it wasn’t that bad… but with such an offer it is hard to resist, so you got yourselfs an order for a new screen module + case :wink:


As a follow on question here (should this be a new post?) - does anyone know if these slimline cases can be recycled (in the UK)?

My last case has a small crack in a corner, so I’m probably not going to use it again. Or, as it’s better than no-case, I can hang onto it as a real long-term spare otherwise.

Is this offer still valid ? There’s no FP2 slim case in the shop…

I think the FP2 slim cases were just moved from “Accessories” to “Spare Parts”.


P.S.: I’ve now allowed myself to edit @formerFP.Com.Manager’s original post to change the link to the new one.


Silly me ! Why didn’t I think of it…

Thank you @urs_lesse ! :slight_smile:

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Until when the discount code will be valid?

[Oh 20 characters … @AnotherElk had a trick but I don’t know it by heart]

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Just thought about it, but… are you actually trying to empty your FP2 spare parts stock? Do you still have enough cases? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
This offer is very nice, but it will make the stocks go down much faster…

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