Can old slimline cases be recycled?

Posted originally at Celebrating 5 years of Fairphone 2 - slim case offer - #14 by scribe but thought I would create it as a new thread.

Does anyone know if the FP2 slimline cases can be recycled at all (in/from the UK)? I’ve just bought a replacement in the offer, and wondering what to do with my old one (which has a crack in it). I may just keep it as a long-term spare otherwise, a bit of tape and all that.

Currently Fairphone’s new Recycling Program is yet to be launched and no one knows if it will cover old cases as well.

In the past, defunct slim cases indeed ended up in new products:

I would especially recommend to you to keep the black rim with the buttons. I don’t know if you just re-bought the slim case colour you already had and if the buttons are of the same colour, but I always found some re-combinations of buttons and back cover colour quite nice (e.g. give a white or indigo back cover the light blue buttons – or equip a coral red or turquoise back cover with black buttons).


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