Cardboard VR: Experiences and Recommendations

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@Eagle5 mentioned in the linked discussion that he’s using the FP2 for Cardboard VR. This brought to my mind that I’m now proud owner of a device that I might use to enter the VR world. :slightly_smiling:
Maybe there are more FP2 owners using it with a Cardboard who can share their experiences and give recommendarions regarding Cardboard cases (or apps worth to give them a try)?

It’s really a cool experience. I got a cheap plastic VR headset as a new year present, but unfortunatly, it’s got no switch, so I needed to buy a bluetooth controller in order to be able to navigate in some apps (other apps are more “intelligent” and can be controlled by simple head movements). So my recomendation: if you want to buy a headset, make sure it’s got a switch!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make much use of my headset yet, because the hardware of the FP1 is too weak for many apps and the FP2 is suffering from a bug The bug is known and will be fixed in the next update, but right now, most apps that I tried don’t work properly. I’ve spent some time looking for a workaround as other phones/ROMs are affected as well, but I haven’t found anything yet. Maybe someone more techsavvy might want to have a look at the issue (please!!)…

One app that definitly works well with FP2 is “360 Photo Player - VR Gallery”. It has some really nice example pictures and can be used to watch my own 360° photos taken with the Google Cardboard Camera app.

So I would be really glad if someone (maybe @Eagle5) has ideas of how I could fix the bug by myself (I’m already root :smile:) or recomendations for apps that are not affected.

Yes, hi there :slight_smile: there is an “easy” method to set cardboard apps right:

Within the Google Cardboard App you can scan the generated QR code and other apps will be displayed correctly. But on my end (at least in firefox) the png for the code is completely transparent.

FYI I own a Durovis Dive. The FP2 fits really tight. And like lots of other Phones with 5" screen, sometimes the volume buttons are pressed. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I tried this already but I’m too stupid to generate a working QR code. Could you post your QR code?

Yes, I planned to share my findings as soon as I get the website working for me. Unfortunately, I have no other Browser installed at the moment. With which browser did you get your results?

I tried Firefox and the old Internet Explorer that came with Windows7. With Firefox I can’t see the QR code. With IE, however, I can see it. Google recommend (of course) Chrome. But I think I’m unable to understand how the generator really works and how I have to adjust the parameters in order to fix this dpi issue.

I’ve tried creating one:

While it looks fine in the calibration tool in the browser, the cardboard app is still giving me teensy graphics. I’m not convinced this fixes the dpi issue; if anyone manages to create a qr that does, please do post it.

On a separate note, my cardboard viewer has indirect touch (basically a triangle of cardboard on a lever with some conductive material glued to it) so it works fine without bluetooth and without magnets. The FP2 screen is quite sensitive and the fit is indeed tight so there are a few false positives but it’s adequate. That viewer (and others like it) are cheap and cheerful on amazon (under a tenner).

Thanks for your trial, but I’m afraid you got as far as I got :frowning: The picture on the splitscreen is still so tiny, that it’s absolutely useless :frowning: In fact, the picture that this generator generates on my screen, makes use of the whole screen, so it isn’t affected by this software “misunderstanding”.
Nevertheless, I read that people where able to cope with the fact that their phones report wrong DPI values by entering “wrong” values in this generator. Or is it just a rumour?

Hi there :slight_smile:

here is my attempt:

Please report back if it is working. The distortion coefficients are lens dependent. It looks fine on my Dive.

If that is not the case for you, try fiddeling with those parameter… rest of my variables are set as follows:

  • Button Type - Magnet
  • Screen to lens distance (mm) 75
  • Inter-lens distance (mm) 150
  • Screen vertical alignment - bottom
  • Tray to lens-center distance (mm) 90
  • Distortion coefficients k1 and k2 0.01

You’re my hero! I haven’t tried it with my headset yet, because I’m on holidays until February 10th, but it looks sooooo good on the screen. The size seems to be perfect.
So get a nice scare with “Sisters” (, the only mini game I know and like, because it’s the only one that would run more or less smoothly on FP1…

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@Irina_Spitznagel nice to hear it worked :sweat_smile:

@BeMiGro your topic got a little off. Sorry for that. :slight_smile: Feel free to ask any questions.

Did you already own a VR Headmount Gadget or are you planning on buying one?

I confirm it worked like a charm ! Thanks !

@Eagle5, actually, I’m glad it went this way. Questions were answered which I didn’t even know they could be asked. :slightly_smiling:
I don’t own a VR headset yet, but I’m thinking about buying one. I’m not sure if I already want to invest the money for a Durovis Dive. Are you fine with your Dive (besides the volume button issue)?
I was more thinking about something cheaper and nearer to the original Cardboard for a first try. But I’m still open for recommendations.
So just go ahead discussing, I’m interested in everything all of you might know…

I have this cheap plastic one and it’s quite cool, but I would rather recommend one with a switch.

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I tried with naked eyes, well… it works… the same way you can watch stereogram books like 'magic eye’
but strong headache coming after 5 mins :slight_smile:

Anyone can recommend a good headset that would work great with the FP2 ? If I understood well, to start a video, you must unmount the phone from the set, touch the screen, then remount it ? Or is there an easier way ?


I can recommend the Mr. Cardboard headset It has a hole in the bottom so you can use your finger on the touchscreen, if necessary.

Great ! I will try.
Sorry but I had another question which I forgot to write :
For short-sighted eyes like mine, can it be used with glasses ? Or, can we set the optical focus to fit our vision, as can be done with regular binoculars ?

They say

“I wear glasses. Can I use POP! CARDBOARD? POP! CARDBOARD is for everyone. Of course depending on your glasses, you can generally use all versions of the Cardboard.”

But I’m not sure ? Did anyone try it ?

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Yes, I wear glasses as well and there is no problem with them.

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I tried Mr Cardboard, its awesome ! Thanks !
Did anyone manage to take a ‘photosphere’ with default camera app ? I get very bad results, many features overlap. Is there a way to use this function ? Or a better app ?

I’ve tried it two times inside my room and the results are, let’s say, very funny :confused:. But I think I’ll still have to practice and learn how to take the pictures in the right order. And/or try it again in an open space. As far as I know, there is no other app that can take photospheres. I’ve spend quite a long time searching for one…