FP2 : Unaligned Photospheres and panorama


I’m starting this new thread as it’s getting slightly off-topic for cardboard-vr-experiences-and-recommendations.
I’m trying to take photospheres or panoramas with the default Google camera app, but I can’t manage to use it, the pictures are overlapping.

  • I calibrated the accelerometer and compass with “GPS status” app, it did improve a bit
  • I tried to shoot from the middle of a large outside place, because I was understanding that it’s not meant for inside pictures.

But still, the pictures misalign, ie some houses or trees are missing or overlapping.

  • Did some of you manage to shoot a good photo sphere and my phone is faulty ?
  • I have the feeling that the FP2 camera specs, especially focal length, could be improperly set in the phone. Do you know where is this parameter lying ?


I made a couple of pretty good pictures, here’s an example. I noticed that the order and the angle of how the pictures are taken is important, although I still haven’t found out which is the best way to do it. Objects that are too close sometimes disappear or are misaligned. Continuous lines, like bridges, are very dificult as well.

How to watch it as a sphere ? I only see it as a regular jpeg

Did you try to put it in the folder where your own spheres are?

Well they are stored in the regular photo place, DCIM/Camera
When viewed from the default camera app, NOT gallery, it works.
Well, it seems my phone has a problem, I couldn’t manage to get the same result…

Are your “normal” photos ok?

Well, most of my spheres are pretty “surreal”. The one I showed you is one of the few that I’m really proud of. It’s very difficult to move oneself holding the camera always at exactly the same level. I still haven’t found the time to search for tutorials or tips and tricks about the optimal use of the photoshere function.

Yes, normal photos are OK, though I have lots of trouble with setting the focus, but this is a different issue.

Maybe you can re-adjust your sensors? You to:

  • Settings > Apps > Camera > Clear data
  • Camera app > Open again the panorama mode: the phone will ask you to turn your phone in certain ways to calibrate it.

Are the pictures better ?