Can't log into apps with Google account

Hello! I have a shiny new Murena Fairphone 4 that I’m trying to set up. I logged into my Google account, but I can’t use the “Log in Google” option on any newly installed apps (ex. Pokemon Go). I can retrieve my mail using the pre-installed Mail app.

I have not tinkered with the phone at all.
I have tried force-quitting the apps, waiting, and trying again; also have restarted my phone.
I browsed the forum for similar issues but only found one (unresolved, also went very off-topic).

Do you have ‘Google Play Games’ installed?

I believe it’s the same like Orna I play… this app bridges Games to Google and is often preinstalled, on Fairphone OS maybe not

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You are located in the US so may I assume you have an Murena e/OS device which is a de-googled system?

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@VirusBurst I hadn’t installed Google Play Games-- was actually in the middle of uninstalling/reinstalling Pokemon Go. So I installed Google Play Games, and now I can’t find Pokemon Go in the App Lounge :joy:

@yvmuell Yes!

So yeah what should I say.:You have a system installed without standard Google stuff. I’m not sure this will ever work, maybe check the e/OS forum what is possible or not…

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I factory reset the phone and started over. I can see all apps in the App Lounge now, but nothing else has changed.

Is it possible to re-Google the phone, or install a Google-compatible Android OS? I admit, I’m not particularly tech-savvy; I just wanted to be able to repair my phone easily.

I’m currently looking at installing Android 12 via the bootloader. I didn’t see anything about installing Google’d OS here on the forums, though.

Ok no, thats not the way :wink:

You can use this
Or install Lineage plus Gapps

however please be super careful to not brick your phone!!!

And be prepared its not working properly for calls etc, better have look here

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