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I can’t log in to various apps with my google accounts, because it is not possible to select the account or add a new google account. Seems to be a bug. Anyone knows how to fix rhis?

Does this only happen on your phone? If so: are you on stock FPOS or have you somehow tried to “un-google” your FP4?

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do you have your goolag account added in settings/accounts globally? Or do you try it in-app?

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We know you don’t like Google.
But can you please stop to call it a Gulag? This is really annoying and unfair to all the people that were mistreated badly, severely harmed or even killed during these times.
Thank you.


I do not know what fpos stock is. I have tried to ungoogle it yes. The error was fixed after a reboot btw

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It is the original Fairphone OS.

Sorry that I’m asking for this, but if I’m not wrong Gulag refers to that Sovjet union tried to unite small farms to one big farm to produce more effective food. So I don’t see the problem that people use that word. But I’m probably wrong, because I’m not good with history

If you use microG please update it and clear cache and app data and force stop
Same for google play service. Am wondering which one you are using because MircoG is still bit buggy

those are forced labour camps in which millions of people died. and comparing Google with a Gulag trivializes the torture and death which people were confronted with in the Gulags.


More like forced labour camps, not social farms :slight_smile:
The point is that whereas someone may not like Google and want to avoid adding to their business model, they are not forcing anyone to use their products so it not just disingenuous but unpleasant to read repeated name calling.

As for not being good at history you can always ‘google’ or ‘duckduck’

Soviet network of forced labor camps

Location map of Soviet Gulag system concentration camps

So it’s similar to calling someone a Nazi, it’s inappropriate and unpleasant especially for anyone that has been through that, had families so treated or know of a friend who was ‘tortured’

So it’s not funny nor to be taken lightly, many would argue and more so on a public forum.

Google may not be everyone cup of tea, but then you can drink water.

Well then I get your point. That’s different indeed. What I want to note is that in the past google has been reported for helping China with mass surveillance and helping the Chinese government to get Uyghurs with for example selling software and cameras so it doesn’t come from nowhere

That’s the search for power, small creatures and large organisation only survive by consuming the weak.

But Google is Google and a monster I have no inclination to feed. I boycotte China too as much as I can, but . . . . .

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