Can't answer incoming call after A12 update

Dear all,
After updating my FP4 to Android 12, I’m not able to answer incoming calls anymore.
No matter what application is currently opened, the display freezes and thereafter the display shuts off. After turning the display on again, I need to enter my passcode again but the application is still frozen for some seconds. After the incoming call is terminated, I can call back immediately with no problem.
This happened multiple times.

Thank you for your help.


Hi and welcome to the community and the forum.

I think you should notify both Fairphone support (see #contactsupport) and your network operator (“carrier”) about this, it’s highly likely that one or both of them needs to make a correction.

Somewhat similar case here, though in that case the problem was more specifically about 5G.

You might try setting your phone, temporarily, to prefer non-5G just to see if that helps:

Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Preferred network type
set to “4G/3G/2G”

(These settings are principally about the mobile data connection, but do have a bearing on the voice calls too.)

It might be helpful if you could indicate the name and country of your carrier.


I am having the same issue.
When phone calls are coming in, I can hear the ringtone but the answer/decalin pop-up does not appear, if I am on a application.
For example, if someone calls at the sametime that I am using twitter, youtube, facebook, camera, etc I only hear the ring tone but no pop-up is showing and cant access the notification.
The phone doesn’t freeze completely as I am able to go to home.
Location: The Netherlands, Provider: T-mobile.

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Does the phone app have the permission to show over applications?

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I had it also twice, when i was driving the car.
i heard the phone ringing but did’nt see it
i could aswer the incoming call, with de :telephone_receiver:button in my car,


This issue is still not fixed.
Did you by any chance exprice this, not in the car?
This is an ongoing issue on my FP4,

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Same problem phone freezers and can’t pick up call

Same here, very frustrating (phone app is allowed to draw over other apps).
It only happens (not always but often) when I’m actively using the phone.
When picking up from pocket (screen off) it works fine.

Don’t forget to contact FP support, see my earlier post.

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