Cannot get phone to accept SD card


I bought one of these (SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB MicroSD Memory Card) so that I could put my music collection on my phone however every time the phone reboots (which it does several times per week, often whilst using Google Maps whilst driving) all the app’s fail on start-up and nothing will work until the card is re-formatted or removed. Can anyone help?


I’m guessing you have your SD card set up as internal storage as this is a known issue with cards formatted as internal storage - is that right?

If you do have the card set up in that way, it’s recommended to instead set it up as removable storage. It’s less convenient in some ways, but it’s not susceptible to these kinds of corruption and system errors.

Side note: have you tried using OsmAnd for navigation? While it’s not as full-featured as G00gle Maps (especially if you rely on traffic data), it saves maps locally and runs a lot leaner, in my experience. It may alleviate the reboot problem.


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Hi Robert,

Nope, removable storage.

I rely on traffic data on Google Maps.

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And here I was thinking I had you pegged!

Did the phone work properly with another SD card before? If you do have another card, try setting the phone up with that SD card and see if it behaves the same. If it does work properly with another SD card, I’d see about getting a replacement card. If it still doesn’t work, maybe try cleaning the gold contacts inside the card slot with isopropyl alcohol as you may be having contact issues.

Never had another card in the phone. The card works fine when it’s not in the phone, and the phone works fine with the card until it crashes.

Do you have another card that you can use? It’s a quick way to find out if the issue is with the card or with the phone.

If not, let’s assume the problem lies with the phone. Grab some thin forceps and remove and insert the card a few times. The slot may be dusty from being unoccupied for a long time and some friction can get rid of the dust. If you have some isopropyl alcohol or contact cleaner you can put on the card’s gold contacts, all the better.

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