Recognition of internal SD memory card

Hi folks,
as I was running out of memory I recently bought an SanDisc Ultra 128 GB SD memory card and used it as internal memory after formatting it in the phone.
I transferred the photos and some app data to the memory card as Android suggested it.
Later, while loading some OSM maps to the memory, there was a short error message that the card is read-only.
After a reboot the phone does not recognize the SD card anymore and says, that the original SD card is missing (and should be unmounted) and the “new” one shall be formatted. Of course I did not do this, because I do not only loose the photos in the memory card, but also some apps like dropbox or FP Updater dies not work anymore.
Is there a possibility to tell the phone that the card is right?
Will the apps at least work properly again, if I unmount the SD Card? Most of the pictures are saved externally.
At the moment I use Android 7.1.2 and no update is possible, even after reinstalling FP updater.
Thanks in advance!

That depends on the configuration of the card. If it is encrypted, chances to recover files from the card are low.
My FP2 was upgraded from Android 5 via 6 to 7 and used full disk encryption for the SD card. When there were filesystem errors on the card, I had the same symptoms you described. But I found no way to retrieve any file from the encrypted card. Or to convince Android to recognize the card again.

In the end, I replaced the SD card and restored files from a backup.
For the apps moved onto card, the fastest way is probably to remove the apps from the phone and install them again from a store you trust (play store / fdroid).

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