Cannot create new contact for non-exchange account since Android 6.0

Hi everybody,

My problem is similar to an earlier (alas closed) post that doesn’t really clarify things for me (Cannot create new contact for non-Google account), hence this new topic.

Since updating to Android 6.0, I am unable to choose the account that I’d like to save a new contact to. In MM Android 5.1 there was this pull down menu at the top of the ‘create new contact’ dialog, where I could choose whether I wanted to save it to my Exchange account or to my Google account. Right now contacts are automatically saved to my Exchange account. I don’t see how the earlier topic helps to solve this. It would come in handy though, because Exchange is for work contacts and Google for private ones.

Your help would be really appreciated.
Many thanks!

Ok, so in your case it seems to be the Google account that is not accessible!?

Maybe you can check in Settings - Apps - Google Account Manager if the Google Account Manager app has the right to access contacts.
In case you cannot find this app in the list you need to activate display of system processes from the 3-dot menu in the top right corner of the Settings - Apps overview.

This is how it looks on my phone:

Thank you for your quick response! Unfortunately this is not the case. Google has about all the access it can get, contacts included.

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Hey everyone,

I have a FP2 with android 6.0.1 and I synchronize contacts with google (personnal use) and exchange (profesional use).
When I try to create a new contact it automatically adds it to exchange, without letting me choose.
I even tried to display only the google contacts then add a new one but it still goes to my exchange account.
I have seen this topic already but the thread was closed (Cannot create new contact for non-exchange account since Android 6.0), I did try the solution mentioned but it doesn’t work in my case.
Thanks for your help !

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