Cannot create new contact for non-Google account

When I try to create a new contact I cannot select an account anymore, the account is preselected and cannot be changed. Before the MM update on Android 5.1 I could e.g select my Davdroid account I wanted to assign the new contact to.

Am I missing something or can anybody approve this behavior?

Hmm, I normally use external “Contact Editor” app which works as expected. But also with the standard telephone app I can still select the account which I want to create this contact in.

Try Offline Calendar (Offline calendar adapter) -

Hi Stefan,

I have used “Offline Calendar” myself before, but does it not only create a local calendar, rather than helping to add contacts to a different - either local or personal, as I guess it’s here, account?

Oops, I didn’t read carefully enough… Of course, you are right, @Amber!

@Amber: many thanks for verifying!
Looks like it was an issue with the new 6.0 authorizations in my case.

This is how I solved the problem:

  1. Checked that all contacts were synchronized with my OwnCloud server.
  2. Deleted the DAVdroid account from the phone.
  3. Uninstalled DAVdroid.
  4. Reinstalled DAVdroid from F-Droid (version 1.5.1-ose). At the first start I had to allow DAVdroid contacts access.
  5. Recreated the DAVdroid account for my OwnCloud user again on the phone.
  6. Syncronized contacts to the phone again.

After that procedure I was asked to choose an account to create a new contact for. So everything’s fine again. :smile:


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