Can please someone make the following topic visible for commoners like me?

I have huge problems with the proximity sensor battery drain. They seem to be solved in lineage 15.1, but Oreo intentionally breaks twilight, other night lights and overlay apps covering the notification bar in general, so the phone becomes unusable for me in the evening.

Lineage 14.1 is said to have solved the issue too, but it’s not officially available for download.

Now I have installed fariphone open os again and want to try the method, but I don’t understand why it doesnt flash the zip for me. And I cant even read the whole thread, nor ask that user to send me their update packe, like they offered.

Further, I find it irrational that any topics at all are hidden from forum users as the knowledge in there isnt the property of the mods, but of the users. Further, mods have thought they can judge how all topics will be useful for users, yet only locate the still relevant solution after being told by a user two times to actually read the thread, that is to this day still withhold from users despite a working solution to an, in case that it occurs, extremely severe bug. (Battery drain from proximity sensor still not solved!)

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