Can I Use The Calendar Without Email?


I want to use the calendar on my phone but I don’t want to connect to an email account.

Is there a way to just use it as a calendar?

Thank you.


No. There’s is an app “Offline calendar” at F-droid, that offers to create such calendar for the calendar-app. I could not test it without GAPPs working.

acal from F-Droid works but is often very slow. I got acalendar from there some time ago and it’s working fine and quick, but this app is withdrawn from F-droid, you have to download from Playstore …

I guess you are using FPOS with Google services, thus your default (and only) calendar app is Google calendar, which is forcing you to have a Google account for using it, right? Common “don’t be evil” Google behaviour [/sarcasm]

If Offline Calendar from F-Droid (which doesn’t require any account to fully work, by the way) doesn’t do the trick, you can try another Calendar app which doesn’t force you to register any account, like Standalone Calendar or the material designed Etar.

PD: If you are not using Google apps… have you considered migrating to FP Open OS?


Offline calendar is not working (at least for me) on FP Open OS … worked fine before, so while offline calendar + etar was a great solution it’s not anymore - for the time being I’m back to pen and paper

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