Can I still buy a new FP2 in Belgium?

Does ayone in this community know if I can still buy a new fairphone 2?

Nope, don’t think so. But you can find second hand ones on the forum.


You could check with the the online shops. Maybe one of them has a FP2 left; though I doubt it.
There is a wiki with a List of resellers for the FP2.

But I would advise to go for a FP3, as the FP2 had quite a few problems (though I am still absolutely happy with mine!),
The FP2 has taken the modularity a step too far; take a look at what Bas van Abel says in a article in techcrunch.


May I ask why you want to buy a 2015 phone in 2020? Just curious.

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I think by now one of the last remaining – if not the only – ways to get an all new Fairphone 2 is to purchase a core module (e.g. from Vireo) and the other modules (cheapest from Fairphone themselves) and attach the latter on the former. You will also need to buy a slim case – without it, the battery will keep dropping out of the device.


OK, one could do that.
Apart from the price-tag(1) for such a solution, you do not get any kind of warranty for the phone as such. Only for every module. So, if you buy from different sellers, you will have to contact them for the respective module in case it’s defective.
And you have to be sure, which module is at fault; no sending in the phone “go, get it repaired; because I paid for a working phone”.

Core-module Vireo € 275
Display Fairphone € 65
Bottom-module Fairphone € 25
Camera-module (12 MP) Fairphone € 45 / (8 MP) Fairphone € 20
Top-module with selfie camera (5 MP) Fairphone € 30
Battery Fairphone € 10
Slim-case Fairphone € 30
EDIT: 9 Screws minischrauben € 4.86
In total:
Fairphone 2 (12 MP) € 484,86
Fairphone 2 (8 MP) € 459,86
EDIT: costs for postage and delivery excluded.


If we are going into detail …
Does anyone know whether screws for the modules come with the core module?
(They don’t come with the modules, apparently it is assumed they are present in the phone.)


You got it.
Judging from the homepage, the screws are not included.
And they are not available from Foirphone, so you have to get them elsewhere (if you know the dimensions, that is).

DIN 7985 M 1,4 x 5 according to here … e.g., if the measurements are correct.

DIN 7985 = Phillips fillister head (aka oval-head) screw


Good find.
I just added the screws to the list above.
Since the modules need 9 screws to be fixed, the pack of 10 will suffice.

The price will be higher by postage and packaging.
minischrauben: 5.90 (DE) and between 8.90 and 15.90 (EU-countries)
vireo: 4.90 (DE) and 14.90 (EU)
Fairphone: 6.50 (DE)

The new one doesn’t have that beautifull colour blue yet in a protective cover. :star_struck:
But indeed, I’ll guess I’ll beter wait for that colour in the FP3. Although my old one is really breaking down and I don’t want to by a disposable one (read: other type then FP…) @teezeh


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