Can I make the phone turn on when the alarm is supposed to sound?


I wonder if there’s a way to have the FP2 switched off during the night and make it come alive by the alarm? I see threads about scheduled on-off on FP1, can’t find this in the settings on FP2.

I’d love to be able to have my phone turned off at night and still be able to use it as an alarm! Otherwise I’m really happy with it.

Astrid in Sweden

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If you press the volume buttons you will see a menu appear on the top of your screen. Choose Priority and set it as you wish…

But there’re some bugs reported with that… phone making sounds even if it’s supposed to be silent. Check it out and see how it works for you.

Or use flight mode as it’s quite close to being turned off?!

What you are asking for is already discussed in the following topic, please continue there:

Theoretically the solution found in this topic is to turn on QuickBoot mode, but this is not recommended at the moment as QuickBoot mode currently has a bug causing you to end up in an infinite boot loop.