Cameras and flashlight stopped working

Dear all

Both cameras (back/front) and flashlight (greyed out button) stopped working. It is also not possible to get an image from the camera when using it in other apps (e.g. barcode scanner), the camera feed simply stays black.

  • OS is Android 10 up to date
  • I disassembled and re-assembled the phone (dis/re-connected camera module)
  • It may be a software issue (?) as the back and front camera seem to be separate modules and thus it makes little sense that they both stopped working at the same time(?)
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Hi and welcome to the forum

I agree it seems odd that both stopped at the same time.

My first query is, if you have an SD card and how it is formatted.
Secondly have you tried starting in ‘Safe mode’ ?

SD card issues: see this recent post:


Then there is this

  • I have no SD card installed
  • Safe mode does not change anything regarding my problem
  • Restarting without SIM also does not help
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Hopefully you can find a #fairphoneangel near you that may have some camera modules to change.

However if the phone is still under two years old it would be wise to contact sup port at fair phone dot c…

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One more thing, although primarily about diagnosis confirmation rather than fixing:
If you call * # * # 6 6 # * # * you should get a set of hardware tests (the tests might also be accessible through the My Fairphone app) including simple camera tests. From your thorough testing so far, it will probably only confirm the malfunction, but this test might be a good reference when you contact support.


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