Camera auto focus not working


The auto focus of the camera is not working. This is the camera in the rear of the phone. The 4 green edges of the focus box appear, but they don’t seem to function. The image remains blurred, until I take the camera very close to the object.

I noticed this problem when I tried to scan a QR code. Then realised that the camera had this problem for all focussing.

Any idea if this is a software or hardware issue?


I had this too, after I had opened up the phone, lifted up the motherboard and damaged the camera in the process. After I had replaced the camera with a new one everything was fine again.

Is it possible that you damaged the camera when you opened up your phone? Or when you dropped the phone?

My charging pin had been loose for the past few months, so had got it replaced at a mobile repair shop. I guess when they were fixing/soldering the new port, they must have somehow damaged the camera. Hmm.

Is this a simple fix to the camera? Or do I have to replace the camera? And, in which case, is there anywhere I can buy FP1 cameras?


You can buy it here:

Or you can try to search for a used one here in the forum’s unofficial marketplace. :slight_smile:

You have warranty on repairs (at least half a year). The repair shop should replace the camera or at least give you a discount on your repair.

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