Call Microphone Issues?

Has anyone had issues with people saying that you sound muffled or quiet when on a call? At least half a dozen times now since I’ve had my FP4 a caller has commented on the call quality not being great…


no, but this is already discussed here some time ago. use the search and you will find it

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Is this with the ear or hands free?

Have you checked the mics work properly via the *#*#2886#*#* test options

Not sure how to tell if that test was successful :thinking: I did the audio test and it tested the audio (which sounded quite muffled) and the mic tests came up and then asked me to pass or fail them

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Are both options of mic muffled ?

Okay so I read elsewhere to tap or blow on the microphone hole to test it and I can hear that if I tap the one at the bottom of the phone on mic 1 I can hear it but neither mic 2 or mic 3 make any noise when tapped

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Seems like you would be best to contact Fairphone to see if they have any ideas. :frowning:

It’ll start with a factory reset and a jiggle of the moduls I expect.

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Wonderful, I might as well do that now :pensive:

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So weirdness continues I booted the phone into safe mode and now all the microphones work fine! So it’s definitely some kind of software issue but I’m stumped as to how I’m supposed to now narrow it down :sob:


Further update it’s some kind of bug I disabled the permissions of google having access to the microphone all the time and now all 3 mics work fine I’m going to see if I can speak to a person at fairphone tomorrow to discuss the issue :roll_eyes:


Me and my friend have the same problem … :frowning:

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If you search the settings for permission manager head down to mic and then click on Google and then disable the permission from all the time it should fix the issue for you :+1:


Thanks a lot for your exact and express help. :slight_smile: Hopefully it will work. :crossed_fingers: Have a nice day! :sunny:

Maybe it’s not an issue with the hardware…
I experienced the same: during call the microphone seemed to work poorly - like dropouts and “crunchy” sound.

running the hardware test on all three microphones worked fine (loud noise when rubbing the microphone hole :wink:

in my case the solution seemed to disable VoLTE!
backround: I disabled mobile data. Due to poor local mobile internet (too many users in too little cells) I cancelled my internet flatrate and didn’t want my phone to accidentally produce mobile traffic.

Allthough I use a local w-lan I switched it off and now it seems to work properly…

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Hello, I’ve just got my FP4. It’s a really nice phone but I have 2 main issues with it.

  1. The speaker is too loud on some calls. It just depends who’s calling. The sound is saturated, hard to listen to. I started testing it and what I discovered is that the phone doesn’t seem to make any incoming volume normalization. I made test using 2 phones, first one I put close to my laptop playing some tutorial, the FP4 I took with me outdoors to check the speaker quality. When the laptop speakers were set to 100% the volume on FP4 was distorted, too loud. At 50% the volume was quite ok, pushing vol- down to 0 made a good reception, maybe a little bit “robotic like” but good. At 25%, the sound wasn’t good, it seems that the receiving mic didn’t catch the sound well. Next I tested the other way around, I left FP4 close to the laptop and went away with my old phone. The old phone (Huaweii) normalize the sound level, I didn’t got the over saturated volume. I also tested some old samsung phone (basic phone with a keyboard), it also normalized the volume preventing the saturation (I tested both smartphones as a source, FP4 and Huwaeii).

The above is a real issue for me. I have 30 days return window in the shop where I bought it and I’m about to return it if I won’t see any hope to get it fixed. I’ve seen a few old posts about earlier FP models with the same loudness issue, but no post about FP4 yet.

  1. The automatic brightness is not calibrated, it’s too bright. It adapts well to the light condition, but always a bit (say a 1 cm) too much to the right. I have to use it in manual mode which is a nuisance, as I have to pull the shelf to adjust the slider every now and again. The worst is going outdoor whilst having the brightness adjusted for bed time reading, then it’s completely not visible, I just guess what I’m doing, not seeing what I’m doing , to increase the brightness.

Hope the settings could be adjusted in the firmware, best option would be to have a way to adjust them myself (some advanced options somewhere in settings, or through adb)


Hi, just to add, I found a headset test when using the number *#*#2886#*#*. It works great. Now imagine that the loudness problem means the minimum volume (when the volume slider is set to 0 during call) is like the maximum volume in the test, or even slightly louder. That level is already annoying and I have no way to lower it.

Seriously, it would be terrific if you provided an advanced option in the UI to adjust the levels, or even via some hidden service app like the test one.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

However this is just a user forum you are not communicating with Fairphone in any official manner.

To do so you may like to email them or go to their support page.

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