Butter-hands and FP5

Dear community.

I am sorry for the weird question (I have never damaged any screens on any devices), but is there a way to understand if my FP has a superficial crack (within a plastic cover blocking blue light) or if it is deep and affecting the screen?

Here is a photo:


Hard to tell, but when I zoom into the picture, I seem to recognize a reflection (a “second” line) of the fracture/scratch to its left (best visible in the lower area of the picture). And I would think this suggests that it’s on the protector and this gets just reflected by the actual display glass surface.

Perhaps you could also try to “sense” with the edge of a paper tissue if the fracture/scratch stops it when you move the edge over the surface.

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Another speculation: The fracture/scratch looks somewhat curved, and in my lay mind, I’d expect a scratch to look curved more likely than a glass fracture.

Thank you for the response!
Can you please detalize this suggestion? I am not sure that I understand it. Thank you.

The phone really fell on the floor from the height of the table in the morning. I did not even notice anything till the lunchtime and now am puzzled about the damage.

I can order one more plastic screen cover, but… if the screen is affected maybe replacement of the cover will make more damage?..

I’m not sure if it works out at all, but this is what I had in mind:

Move the edge of a paper tissue towards the scratch as if you wanted to push dust or snow away (like with a broom :broom: ). The edge should point towards the scratch so that the scratch should/might interrupt the movement like if it got into a tram rail.

The first line here shows the movement of the tissue edge (the / stands for the tissue edge), the second line the surface with the scratch/fracture symbolized by a small u:

               ← / ←

My idea is that if you do it carefully enough, the edge might start to stumble or stop once it gets “into” the scratch. But of course, the scratch might not be deep enough for that to happen, so you might get a “false negative” :wink:


Got it, thanks again.

I was actually looking for some Paint program to see if drawing a supertiny line perpendicular to the scratch will give a smooth or disrupted line.

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Sounds right. I’d just keep using the phone as it is right now and see if any malfunctions happen.

After all, the very rationale of the screen protector is to keep the glass from damage and/or to allow to keep the display and touch sensor usable for longer if the glass has damage.

Launch the phone app and “call” this code * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # *

A range of (around 40) tests should become available, there should be one that allows you the “paint” test.


If you want to know, my rather pragmatic approach would be, order a new screen protector take of the old one, check if the screen glass is broken as well and put the new protector on…

At the end as long as its working and you dont injure your fingers, its just a cosmetic thing.

I doubt the screen is broken.


The paint test is available in the my Fairphone App as well


Just did it, chose ‘lcd’ tets and having red-green-blue screen for 30min… is that Okay? :slight_smile:

Now there are 18 shades of gray on the screen for 15min…

You dont need to run this for hours. Colors change when you tap on the screen


My screen is not responsive to any actions when in red-green-blue mode… 0_0

So you see a red screen and when you tap on it, it does not change the color?

Hey Al-chemist :slight_smile:
This is almost certainly a broken screen protector. Mine looks the same and I know of another FP5 where the screen protector looks like this. If you don’t like these cracks, you can simply replace the screen protector.
If you want to protect your phone from damage in the future, I recommend you buy a phone case for your FP5.
But don’t buy the official case as it doesn’t offer any real protection due to its poor design.

Take a look here:


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