Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

I ordered that one (branded ‘Cresee’), it arrived today. It’s okay. There’s a ridge protecting the screen, the case is fairly snug (if it doesn’t ‘grow’ the phone will certainly not fall out) and it’s less slippery than the phone itself. There’s a bit of a seam all around the middle of the phone’s sides, but it’s not distracting. All in all probably good protection for the phone (better than the FP case because of the raised ridge around the screen).
Also, it’s transparent, which could be nice if you have the semi-transparent back cover (which I sadly don’t have - but might get as an add-on).


Today I dropped my FP5, which is packed in the original FP5 case. As you can see in the picture, the case is intact but the phone has suffered a small damage at the bottom left :frowning: I seriously wonder what the original case is for if it does not protect the smartphone!


A clear example of prioritizing esthetics over practicality.


yes, I’m really angry about this :frowning:
You pay so much money for the case and it does not provide the necessary protection


As I stated earlier, thats a matter of taste. Other people wouldn’t want to use a bulky case, but prefer the slim variant. Providing two models was probably not efficient for Fairphone, so they had to decide.


My advice: do not buy this protective case, it is worthless!
Sometimes I wonder if Fairphone really tests some of its products before they hit the market. At least with this product, I have big doubts about it. Due to the wrong construction, the edges and corners of the phone are not protected at all.
I got this case for free when I bought my Fairphone and I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on it.
Yesterday, I dropped my Fairphone for the first time. The result was a broken screen protector and small scratches on the metal frame of the FP5 - one of the few parts you can’t replace.

This case gives you a false sense of protection, which can actually lead to the opposite and cause more damage, as people may not be aware of how unprotected their FP5 is.

I don’t think it’s just a matter of taste.

If the case doesn’t protect your phone, then you really don’t need this case because it can’t perform its main function. And we’re not talking about high drops here.

And Fairphone has done this much better in the past! The Fairphone 2 had some sort of built-in screen protector, the Fairphone 3 had a bumper and a soft case that protected the screen and corners very well. The case for the FP4 at least had some sort of raised edges compared to this one.


I’ve bought the leather case by Annatreurniet for FP5. Not received it yet cause I was waited till the black variant was available.

I have the same version for FP4 and I’m happy with it. Previously I had FP3 case vegan variant but the black wore out a little and there it became white. So I went to try the leather variant for FP4.

I wear a case because it has helped me in past with drops and also the screen. Heck, there is even a cat claw in my FP4 case :joy:

I see many people mentioning alternative cases for the FP5 but do we know which ones really protect the phone ? I mean with sides a bit higher to better protect the frame and the screen borders.


The Cresee transparant case from Amazon has a raised edge. Source: just got one. Search this forum for Cresee and you should find a link. Probably all these transparent Chinese cases are exactly the same, no way to tell without buying them all :grimacing:

Edit - this one https://amzn.eu/d/hRcV3UC just a cheap transparent TPU case, mind you. I wish Bark were faster but I really wanted a case right now.


I was secretly hoping, that this is a manufacturing error that might not apply to the sky blue variant, but I received my blue FP5 and case yesterday and it’s the same here. So, I just requested a return and refund and am going with the Cresee case for now, which is very sturdy and should keep the phone quite safe.

This whole mess is a real pity, though, as the matte sky blue case looks very beautiful (while we can only hope, that those clear Amazon cases don’t turn into ugly yellow too soon). So, I hope, Fairphone will consider a re-designed second batch of the official cases.


I haven’t received my FP5 with the green moss case yet, but I’ll probably do the same. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve just returned the official matt black Fairphone 5 case here in the UK for full refund as it was GREY, nothing like the black my of FP5.

Didn’t even use it so can’t comment on fit etc.

Very disappointed in the case, still liking the FP5.

It could be that the color is like that due to the high concentration of recycled plastics. But not sure, since the FP5 can be quite black.

I’ve bought a cheap transparent alternative: Foluu (amazon)

The cut outs are good, no bad smell, fits tight. That’s what I want from Fairphone…


:+1: Good to hear … I ordered the same one. It will probably arrive before my FP5 :sweat_smile:

An update for those interested in the BARK wooden cases. I also wrote them and asked about the Fairphone 5 cases and got a reply today.

Yes we will make cases for Fairphone 5. (…) We hope to start the process on making the case next week, so unfortunately you wont be able to order it next week. We hope the design changes are not many from Fairphone 4 and that it will go smoothly.

So provided the design work for the case goes smoothly the FP5 BARK case should be available pretty soon. It may still be a few weeks away from the sounds of it as they’re only just getting FP5 hardware to design and test with starting next week.

I’m looking forward to trying their beautiful pure wood case on my FP5. I just have to be careful to avoid nicks and scuffs on the bare phone for a little while longer. :slight_smile:


I promised the review of the Belsimpel case but I got discouraged by the delays and ordered one via Amazon,

While I am not over the moon about buying the product from China, the case is okay, feels nice in a hand and looks very similar to this Foluu one. I just wish it felt tighter on the phone


Biowaves has just replied to my question about FP5 transparent cases:

We are currently in the development process of the new covers and are very happy to take up your idea of a transparent cover.

We could soon have transparent covers from Biowaves.



The original protective case is nearly useless and is perhaps made in China as well as the Fairphone itself. The invironment impact is a little bit smaller but perhaps in the same city Shengzen…
The case will go for free on the marketplace…
Now I have two different clear cases in test.
NEWZEROL and the above mentioned Foluu
I will report…

Sadly I have to agree that the protective case from Fairphone for the Fairphone 5 is useless. The sides of the case are to low. The screen touches the table when facing down.