Bug: gesture navigation frequently (sort of) stops working

Every few days or so the gesture navigation will break. Swiping left on the bottom bar will either return “this app is unavailable” and kick me to the home screen, or it will be unable to swipe at all because it’s not seeing one of my open apps in the history view and so it will be trying to swipe back two places instead of one. Slow swiping upwards will scroll the view all the way to the left, occasionally locking it there. Issue can be fixed by going into gesture settings, switching to three-button layout and back.

Doesn’t seem to be a general issue as I have never seen this here on my phone (gesture navigation since day 1 last October). Do you use the default launcher? Wasn’t there a topic about this or a similar issue already somewhere here?

I didn’t find a similar issue on a cursory search. I’m not using the default launcher -does that really affect it? It hasn’t made any other changes to the gesture behavior.

I searched the existing thread, please have a look if you find that’s the same as what you experience:

I’m using Neo launcher, not Nova. And I’ve checked whether it’s caused by entering an app via a notification and it doesn’t seem to be.

Maybe you change temporarily back to stock launcher to check if it’s related to the launcher or not.