Bootloops and how to proceed

Hi everyone,

I often experienced crashes with my FP2, with the FPOS, FPOOS and even Ubuntu touch, with the phone suddenly rebooting while using it.

I got used to it and considered as an acceptable drawback for having the fairphone, however 2 weeks ago after a crash the phone instead of simply rebooting entered an infinite bootloop. I decided to turn off the phone take out the battery and waited for many hours, luckily enough the phone booted and started to work again.
However, this didn’t last more than 1 day and the phone got stuck in a bootloop since then.

I couldn’t do much until now since I was far away from my laptop and any reliable internet connection, now I read some posts here in the forum and elsewhere and thought that going for an hard reset was a good idea.
Therefore, I entered the recovery mode of the FP2 and started a backup, unfortunately the phone decided to reboot even there and I’m not able anymore to neither enter the recovery mode.

Other informations that maybe useful or not: the recovery I have is TWRP and I also had the Xposed framework installed. Moreover, in the 3-4 days before the bootloops the battery indicator went completely crazy.

So now I really don’t know how to proceed and I would really like any suggestion.

Thanks for any advice

You could try Fairphone Troubleshooting and see what Fairphone have to say (warranty case?) …

Or using Fairphone Open OS or a rooted Fairphone OS you could try to change CPU settings …

Thanks for you reply, I am planning to contact the troubleshooting in the next couple of days in case I can’t manage to do any progress with the help of the forum.

Anyway the thing about the processor is very interesting and in case I manage to boot the phone at some point I’ll definitely give it a try.

I also had lot of reboot before. I read someone use paper to fix the battery inside the FP2. Just put paper down the battery to fix it. I try it there is some days ago, since i have no reboot.

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