Boot Loop after last Update (FP4.SP1Y.B.048)

after the most recent update (FP4.SP1Y.B.048) i can’t use my phone anymore. It is stuck at the boot screen (blue dots) with occasional reboots to this screen.
the update was downloaded and installed via the Phone, the device restarted, i was able to unlock it.
There was a line saying: Installing system update.
the screen froze and it restarted and now hangs in the loop of rebooting.
any suggestions other than a factory reset?

Edit: Did a factory reset via recovery mode, now everything works fine again.
I will update if i get any usefull information from the official support.


Final Edit: no helpful answer from the support ,except that i should send it to france (living in germany) and apply a data backup of the internal memory (which doesn’t work because it doesn’t boot). Yeah, not really happy about this experience with fairphone.

Was something not working after the factory reset which already deleted all data?

FP4.SP1Y.B.048 is the latest update for Android 12. Maybe some changes in Android caused a bootloop because of old data which the system can not cope with. This also happens sometimes with other phones and also for Custom ROMs it is usually recommended to do a wipe before installing a new version to avoid such problems.

What does this mean exactly? You are now back to the previous version with a completely wiped device and could do an update but you don’t do this as you believe that this update won’t work? At least I would have tried to do a factory reset and then immediately install the update - only if this does not work, you can still ask the support.

@askaaron, I know, but I can’t set up/wipe my system again before every minor update.

I did a factory reset and after that the FF4 booted normally and the update was already installed, so nothing more to do.

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Of course not. But I was just curious if the update even failed after a factory reset. Let’s hope that next time it runs better.

Just for the records: in my case the update went fine without any issues.

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In addition: I switched to LineageOS 20 meanwhile and so far don’t regret this at all. LineageOS also supports OTA updates and I already had one which worked without any issues.

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