Boot images for A.170

I need the current boot image for version A.170, but the page where they used to upload them (Fairphone 4 Kernel Source Code — FAIRPHONE open source documentation) doesn’t have anything newer than A.142.

Does anyone either have the boot.img for A.170 or know where I could get it from?

You can download the factory images and use the boot.img from that archive.

Thanks, that’s useful!
Last time I had to do that, the factory image was wildly outdated, but apparently they updated that.

Is there any known reason why the boot images aren’t updated any more on the Kernel Source Code page?

Probably the same reason it took some weeks for the link to A.170 to get fixed and why the install scripts are still broken for Windows users:
There should be automation, CI/CD, or something similar in place, but for some reason this all seems to be handled manually (and without proper QA) :man_shrugging:

Hmm, sucks… Part of my reason to buy a FP4 was the good software support. They’ve been in the news a few times regarding software updates after a long time.

I guess I should have read up more. I might have bet on the wrong horse. Also considering that Android 13 is out and we haven’t even gotten Android 12 yet…

I think they do provider long support, they just do it slowly…overall it took them always around a year to work on a version upgrade.
Things could probably be a bit more streamlined however its still a small company so they do what they can with the resources they have

The good thing is, there is a great community working on custom ROM and Calyx OS already is up to date on A13

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