Bluetooth connection to hands-free device fails

Hi everyone,

first of all thank you for providing the upgrade to this android version! The upgrade-procedure worked well. I like the new look and I am especially fond of the longer lasting battery time!

But after upgrading my FP2 to Android 6 the connection between the phone and the car is limited to media. It is possible to hear music via Bluetooth. But it is not possible to access the phone functionality. This is related to the upgrade because it worked perfectly with the old version.

I do not know if this is a hint, but when I checked the rights of the apps I found out that the vlc-player has the right to establish Bluetooth connections while the telephone app does not…

Any suggestions?
Thank you.


same here but only with the MZD connect in my Mazda, whereas in the Volvo everything continues to work fine.

After searching on many car related pages on the web I found lots of complaints. The problem appeared first on the 6.0 version of Android. As concerned phones presenting the issue (phone profile pairing not possible although it was under Android 5) were also Nexus models, apparently the issue was patched in 6.0.1 for Nexus and should be resolved by then. Apart from Mazda there were cars from other constructors where the issue was seen.

Some workarounds suggest unpairing, rebooting, repairing both the phone and the car audio system. Others recommended to clear cache and app data regarding Bluetooth on the phone. Neither method I have tried has changed anything, it still is impossible to connect my FP2 running Android 6.0.1 to the MZD connect with the phone profile. Only the media profile can be connected so that my FP2 cannot be used for answering or making phone calls with the Mazda’s handsfree.

This is really annoying for me, as I have to be reachable by telephone when I am commuting to my workplace. I wonder if Fairphone or Mazda can provide a patch to fix this and how long it will take them to help their customers out.

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same here with the MZD connect in Mazda.
Upgrading worked really fine and I enjoined the new features but the bluetooth Hands-Free Profile doesn’t connection to my mazda. Until the upgrade HFP connection worked really fine.

I went on the same journey as @6eorges and tried the workarounds (unpairing, rebooting, repairing both the phone and the car audio and also resetting my Fairphone 2 to factory settings) and still cannot answer or make phone calls.

Hope you can help and thank you.

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thanks for your comment @aig. Unfortunately the issue has gone worse in my case. Bluetooth audio connection with the MZD connect has started to unlink itself so that my FP2 is useless when I drive the Mazda. In the Volvo everything continues to work fine.

Another issue I have faced meanwhile was when I was listening music with my BOSE QC35 wireless headphones linked to my MacBook and I received a call on the FP2 which was also linked to the BOSE headphones via Bluetooth. I picked up the phone but the call would not play in the headphones and the caller could not hear me either when speaking the phone’s or the headphones’ microphone.

I suspect that the upgrade to Android 6.0.1 has broken the FP2’s bluetooth system working fine under Android 5. Fairphone should deliver a patch to resolve these issues since I am beginning to think about buying an iPhone again. My first 3 smartphones were iPhones (3G, 4, 5). They worked reliably and the only problem I had to face after a year or so with the iPhone 5 was the poor battery. The FP1U was my next phone and although its performance was inferior to the iPhone’s I wanted to stay with Fairphone because of the sustainability of the concept. So last year I bought the FP2 which met most of my expectations (sometimes even more) … until the upgrade to Android 6.0.1.

I appreciate the better UI and security of Android Marshmallow but I simply do not need a smartphone which at the moment of UP-grading takes AWAY functionalities. I hope that the Fairphone support team reacts rapidly (my issue has been forwarded to the HQ but I am still waiting for a feedback on how to resolve this).

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Hello all!

Since today I experience the same problems with Bluetooth connectivity; while my Fairphone 2 perfectly connected with my Logitech H 800 headset yesterday, it does not connect or even recognise it today.

Is this due to the new Android version?
What can I do?

I’m very sad and hope it can be resolved soon.

Thanks in advance!

Warm regards,


Ran through the pairing instruction of my Logitech H-800 headset, and my FP2 recognised it once again!
This time I had to allow it to be a ‘safe connection’, where before the update it was instantly recognised and connected without any pairing instructions or allowance.

Perhaps running through similar pairing instructions of other devices will do the same?

Good luck!

Warm regards,


I have the same issues as 6eorges.

I installed (only use if you understand what every addon you select is doing; most importantly “bringback ssh”) - using Android Auto, the Bluetooth audio connection still disconnects three times when I start to drive (I push the Entertainment Button to reconnect), it is stable afterwards.

Not nearly a good workaround though, we MZD users still need a better solution from fairphone.

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this morning the updater told me to install an update to get version 17.05.2 of the Fairphone OS. I made the update but… the connection problem remains. I checked the issues the update covers (here) but Bluetooth does not appear on the list.
It would be very nice if one of the officials can give a hint whether this bug is on any list to be corrected! I can not make phone calls while driving since 4 weeks now. My employer is not amused because he wanted me to have an iPhone but I refused and insisted on a Fairphone. I have no reason to keep this phone if it does not work properly with the hands free system! Will there be a fix and if so when will it be fixed?



same for me, version 17.05.2 did not fix the Bluetooth issues in my Mazda.

As I had also opened a ticket with Fairphone support team here what I have got as an answer from them:

"[…] we know this is an inconvenience. With Android 6.0 some devices, specially cars are not compatible for connection through Bluetooth.

The software team is working hard on adding more devices, but takes time and dedication.

For the time being a workaround would be using a handsfree device.

Our apologies for the inconveniences."

So all we can do is wait. As a workaround I have connected the phone via Bluetooth to my Garmin navigator. It is not a comfortable solution because it means that I have to switch the Garmin speaker on whereas I prefer to have it muted when using the navigator.

My Mazda dealer has told me that he has a software update for the MZD connect system in my car. I asked them to install the update in a couple of weeks time when I pass for the annual maintenance. I will keep you informed if that update solves the problem.

The issue does not show up since my MZD connect system has been updated to version 59.00.502 EU N.

My FP2 is now able to stream music, make calls and transfer contacts and SMS to my Mazda’s audio system.


I got the update of the MZD connect system yesterday and now I can use my hands free system again! Thank you very much for sharing this information, 6eorges.
I am happy again!

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Got the latest released MZD update (59.00.502 EU N) and I can confirm that it did the trick.
MZD was updated and connection to FP2 works, contact synchronization works, phone works and media works.

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