Black screen for incoming calls

Hi Paul!
My screen isn’t black, I can use my phone in the same time it’s not the same issue, i think…

Oh sorry, then I misunderstood that sentence:

Maybe it’s a different issue, but maybe it’s just a slight variation of the same issue.
If you want I’ll move your post (and my replies) back, but I guess chances are high that both issues have the same root cause and therefore the same solution.

Hi Paul !
It wasn’t the same probleme but I found my answer here !!
I don’t know how but the “phone app” was on no notification, it was for that !

So thanks !!


It works for me as well! Thanks @t_eowyn for the tip :slight_smile:

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@Ivar, @rk1966, @Stefaan_Coutereel did you try @Johannes’ tip yet?

@FlavieC if this solves the issue for them too please update the bug report.

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I can hear an incoming call, but the screen does not react. I can’t answer the call! Help me. It’s not the proximity sensor.

Problem solved! Yes indeed, a permission/notification issue. Thanks a lot to everyone !

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It works. I’m impressed! Thanks @t_eowyn @FlavieC


I tried it yesterday - it worked!
Thanks a lot for the hint and all the constructive and quick feedback! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. This worked for me. On my phone, the ‘phone’ app is called ‘Telephone’ so it took me a while to find it. Cheers.

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Oh thanks a lot! Mine had that issue. Works fine again
But weird… I didn’t activate that! It worked no more since last update. Thanks again

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Worked for me as well. Though I also did not change the settings. Thank you for the help!

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Hi, thanks for this suggestion, works perfectly now!
Just strange because I never checked this “no notifications at all”.
Must have been a bug in the new update… @ you Fairphone guys, please check if with the new update the phone app was automatically not allowed to show notifications anymore. If so, please fix that, thanks!

As this happens to people since june semingly randomly it’s probably not a bug caused by updating.

I was also seeing this same problem (no accept / reject popup on an incoming call, only a small “return to call” button in the lock screen, which would switch to the accept/reject popup and allow accepting the call). For me, the phone notification settings (Settings -> Apps -> Phone -> Notifications) was indeed set to “block”, so switching back to “normal” is probably going to fix this problem (haven’t received any calls so far to test, though).

For me, this behaviour started on a random moment, not correlated to any software update, a few months ago (I can’t remember exactly when, though I think it was later than june). I was running an older FP open beta versions (still the one from the Marshmallow release party at the FP office I think) and thought that was it, but upgrading to the most recent FP open this week did not solve it. Yay for this topic, which (presumably) did solve it :smiley:

I have a FP2, Android 6.01, SecurityPatch 01.02.2018, Kernel Date 11.04.2018

For about a week the screen of my phone is black when an incoming call happens. So I cannot accept the call.
I triggered via “Maintenance” the proximity sensor (several times) - but with no success. I installed a special application to give me the output of that sensor and I get two values: 0cm (when covering the sensor) and 5cm (when not covering the sensor).

Any idea what to do ?

I’ve moved your post here, as it sounds like you have the same issue. The most common way to get things working again is making sure the phone app still has permission to show notifications, as sometimes it seems to lose that.

You should be able to find the relevant settings under ‘Settings > Apps > Phone’.


Yes, thank you. Actually my problems are now gone …