Black screen after replacing bottom module


unfortunately, my 6 years old son spilled some milk over my FP3. Since then, charging was a question of luck. So I decided to replace the bottom module to exchange the USB port what I did today.

Removing the display from the frame was a little tricky, but I think I managed it with a minimum of force. I replaced the bottom module, and everything seemed to be fine. Charging works now (orange LED turns on), but the display stays black.

I had problems with a black display some days before, but removing the battery and taking a 2 hours sleep solved the problem at the time. Now I fear the display is really broken.

Does anybody know how I could test the display function, or do you have any other hint what I could do to solve the problem?

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I had a black screen issue, I removed the battery to get it working again. There is a reported problem with the light sensor and it may think there is no light and set the screen to the darkest setting which since the update is very dark…
The screen brightness issue reports etc can be seen at

Make sure you don’t just screw the 13 screws back in, but also (to be honest: even more so) that the plastic clamps (that also ensure a tight connection between display and the rest of the phone) are clicking back into place. Look out for remaining gaps on the phone’s slim sides between display and the main body of the phone.


Hi, urs_lesse, thanks for your reply. I’m quite sure all clamps clicked back. I also cannot see any gaps.

@amoun: I really had this problems after the last update, you’re right. But to me, it doesn’t seem the be the root of the blank display. If I am not mistaken, at least system recovery should be accessable, shouldn’t it? But it isn’t. At least I can’t see anything on the display after accessing system recovery.

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If you’re lucky, there might be a Fairphone Angel in you area who might be able to briefly let you test her or his FP3 display on your device. Have a look:


How did you do that. When mine was at it’s worst I could do anything via the buttons, so I had to remove the battery. Does the LED light up at any time, maybe if you plug in for charging?

Hi, amoun, I inserted the battery and pressed POWER/VOLUME UP.

Orange LED is shown while charging.

edit: I pressed VOLUME DOWN.

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OK so the phone is alive, battery OK, but your details refer to one instance of starting.

Personally I would dismantle, reassemble and start with just a simple ON press

Seldom, but not impossible: The new bottom module is DOA (dead on arrival) and disturbs the display module somehow. Should you still have the old bottom module, you may want to check my thesis first before contacting a Fairphone Angel, but it is alright to do so, too, of course…

OK, I will try that the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have to start a one day trip very early, and it’s late now in Germany… :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help, amoun and urs_lesse!

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Just as a response: The display was definitely broken, and FairPhone fixed it within a day (!). (Well, UPS took an week to deliver the phone to France and back, but that’s another story…).

Obviously, the defect had nothing to do with my repair attempts…


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