Battery problems (wrong charging status / battery might be dying)

Thanks Stefan, i already spoke with a FP employee and there sending a new battery right now.

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Just adding my voice and screenshots to the crowd. It feels like this started happening to me once I’d updated to 1.8. Once the better gets below about 50% a restart can cause the batter to show ~10% which then drains extremely quickly. Once it powers off, plugging a charger in till immediately bring it back with a chunk of charge!

You can see where I retarted the phone and had the % drop from about 50% to 10%. That then drained down to 1% and stayed there for a while. Once it finally failed, a 1 min charge restarted the phone with +10% again!

This one was me turning off the phone, putting it to charge for a bit then turning it back on. The battery level spiked from around 15% to 80% very very quickly.

My phone’s charge indication not only sometimes drops very fast into single digits until switching off itself at 3%, I also often experience it stuck when charging. For example last night I put it on the charger, it went from 3 to 18% and remained there for the rest of the night. Then, other times, it charges like others have described, with the indication jumping suddenly from ~14 to 50-70%. This behavior has started only recently, long after the 1.6 update…

Hi everybody…

I can’t stand it anymore.

I charge my phone 3 times a day and still can’t use it for a whole day. This morning battery droped from fully charged to 0% in two hours (!!!) and I didn’t even use it… just unlocked it once or twice.

This is intorelable… I don’t trust the indication, I don’t know when my phone’s charged and of course I can’t rely on it during the day as I have a lot of (bad) surprises.

I really need some help with it. Is it the battery or the phone problem? is there anyway to make it better?

PS my phone is first edition.

@evidemment - This really isn’t usual behaviour. How infuriating! My opinion is that it could well be a battery problem and you should contact support directly to organise a replacement as soon as possible.

In fact the battery is bloated!!! It’s only after reading the equivalent
article on fairphone site that I realised that the case didn’t fit any more
and that the back cover was popped…

So I took the battery off and waiting. I’m back to my Samsung mobile

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No bloating on my battery but check out this battery life:

5hrs 50mins of useful life, of which about 2 and a half hours the phone was in my pocket with the screen off. (I was in the cinema!)


I just received my new battery…! My life has changed!

Fully charged this morning at 8:00 it’s 15:00 and I’m 72%!!! I even played Frozen for a while!!!


Even if your battery is not bloated I think you should change it… changed everything for me.

Do you think they give you a warranty ticket, if you can’t actually see that there is a manufacturing defect?

Has anyone gotten a warranty ticket with a non-bloated battery?

I don’t know, it’s worth trying but normally batteries aren’t covered by warranties.

I know there are some topics about battery problems but i didn’t find any answers in any of them. My battery goes down very quickly. It’s been going on for a few days now. This morning i got up around 08:00 am with a 100% battery, half an hour later it was 92% without using it, if i use it i can practically see the percentage drop. Now, almost 4 hours later, my FP is at 45%. Does someone know how to solve this?

Some background info:

  • It didn’t occur right after the update but i do use Kola Nut 1.8.
  • I had the 14% bug and the 15% to 1% in seconds bug but those are gone.
  • I use Juice Defender and followed some of the tips to lengthen the life of my battery.
  • My FP doesn’t always charge. Sometimes when the red light is on and the phone indicates it’s charging i see that after some hours the battery just drained. I already filled in a repair form but i’m still waiting to send my phone cause i got no replacement and the problem doesn’t always occur.

There are a lot of answers, but no solution yet! :wink: You can be sure, that if we knew, what to do, there would have been a solution posted!

For now, the best thing is to wait until the battery bloats and then request a warranty ticket from Fairphone.

This might also be interesting: Charging does not work properly.

So this is a symptom of a bloated battery? I shall wait before that happens to return it with the repair form.

I fear sooner or later your battery will bloat… Nothing officially confirmed though!

@Stefan: Confirmed! My phone was at 6%, ran down from 15% in a matter of minutes, screen on.
Turned screen off, checked back appr. 2 hrs later: 4%!

I too had the 14% bug with the percentage stalled at 14% for appr. 12 hrs. before the update. Are these bugs related? It would appear so!

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Seems to me that the 14%-Problem (which later escalated for me to a "45% to 0% in a few minutes“-problem) was the sign of a failing battery. Ordered a replacement battery and since then I’m seeing an almost linear drop in the battery capacity.

Still: not good. Hope that I don’t have to replace the battery every year (never had to do replace the battery on my previous phones and I used them 2yrs and longer)

And: it would be interesting how common this problem is. Because: everyone in this thread has this problem which might distort reality for us. Maybe we’re the only 20 (estimate) people who have this problem (then I wouldn’t consider this a big problem). But maybe we’re only 1% of the people having this problem. The rest just didn’t find the thread

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@Arnd: Thank you for confirming this. It seems that before and after the update the battery calibration was handled differently, so the low-quality-battery showed different symptoms. Still, I don’t think the bad battery is caused by the update.

@bgschaid: We did some calculations on this some while ago:

Maybe this has been posted before, but still:

  • replaced old battery for my Fairphone (first edition) with a new one three weeks ago
  • seems to be working just fine
  • today: phone shut itself off because battery was down; no failure here
  • just started to recharge it - first, no red light, after one minute red light appeared, I checked: big battery symbol on blue screen showed 2%
  • after 15 minutes, I checked again: recharge status showed 19%
  • charging stil going on, I immediately switched on my phone, everything started as normal, BUT battery status in recharging mode now showed 55% - !?
  • I switched off my phone; recharging status continued at 55%.
    This means: from 19% to 55% in 10 seconds!?

Maybe this piece of information helps solving the battery trouble.

I would be interested to know this. I’m keeping an eye on my battery, but no signs of physical bloating so far.

I’ve also experienced similar battery issues that people have described in this thread, with power suddenly dropping down. And power draining much more quickly than expected - last night I had around 20% before I went to sleep, but woke up to a dead phone! (no data or wifi connection enabled)

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