Battery problem at night

Hi, I recently replaced my old battery (after two years) with a new one. Now a strange thing occurs: the old battery used about 10% of its capacity at night. The new one uses all its capacity at night (so when completely charged the phone shuts itself down somewhere in the morning due to being completely empty). During the day the usage is normal and comparable with the old battery.
The only thing different between day and night is that at night there is wifi and during the day (when working) there isn’t. So now i shut the wifi down at night and usage gets better, the battery uses about 50/60% of it’s capacity which is still way too much. Somebody an idea?

When you go to Settings > Battery you should see what is causing the rapid discharge.

Thnx for your reply! But nothing changed only the battery, or was there perhaps an update?
I checked battery settings:
When i tap [Mobile standby] i read 33% and below that " battery used by radio" (?) . I presume that this means mobile standby is using 67% and 33% left unused.
[Telephone inactive] - 17%
[Wi-Fi] - 10%


even if the battery is new maybe the reset procedure could help:

The procedure is the same for FP1 and FP2.


Yes, it worked. Battery functions as normale again. Thnx guys!


Werner, I checked back the thread where you first posted Borjan’s instructions. I cannot find explicit confirmation that the new procedure applies to FP1 as well (and the following the second half of the instructions after "Connect the Fairphone to a charger … " can only refer to an FP2). Did you get that confirmation elsewhere?

Hi urs_lesse,

Borjan from the Fairphone support team wrote as I asked if the procedure applies also to FP1:

But if you want I can ask the support team if the mentioned instructions are already finished.

Thanks for responding, but I don’t really see Borjan’s reply as a confirmation that the modified battery reset instructions apply to FP1 as well. I assume the online instructions are the ones recently posted on the blog:

Unfortunately the battery reset is not mentioned there. I hope the battery reset instructions will eventually become a support article at

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Hi urs_lesse,

thanks for the info. I will ask the support team about the updated battery reset instructions.
I think at the moment they are rather busy and there is a high workload and it will take some time to receive their feedback.

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Hey guys,

Yes the battery tips will eventually make it to a support article.
And about the battery “reset” or kickstart instructions, the updated instructions are applicable for the Fairphone 2 as we get confirmation (or rather, modification) from the hardware engineers that the old procedure should be avoided.

Concerning the Fairphone 1, the updated instructions are also applicable but may not be enough in some cases (hence the “harder” previously recommended method). This relates to the different hardware.
I’ll add this question on the list “to be clarified” for the support article.


thanks a lot for your feedback!