Battery life in LineageOS

I encountered three things since I flashed Lineage (and replaced the old with the new camera modules)

  1. Battery life is about 1.5 day’s with nearly no usage - WiFi on and mobile data off - only one sim - mobile network has three of four bars and LTE)
  2. As soon as I enable something using the proximity sensor (waveup, gravity screen, …) the battery drains in high speed
  3. There is absolute no difference between flight mode and just not using the device and leaving it in standby (with wlan and data on all time …)

That brings three questions to the community:

  1. Is this a normal uptime compared to your experience
  2. is there any chance to get the calibration tool for the sensor on Lineage? As it clearly seems the new module needs calibration
  3. What keeps the battery draining when every network should be off and the display is off (the monitor always shows wifi as the thing that consumes most - but that should be off in flight mode ?!)


it makes quiet a difference for me when I’m not roaming. When I roam but being connected to (weak) Wi-Fi, oddly enough, it doesn’t makes the difference.

I encountered another thing - battery life is good if I’m either on mobile data or on WiFi only - as soon as both are active the battery is draining very fast - it seems they constantly try to take over from each other …
There is a feature in iOS that mobile data can be used to compensate a weak WiFi signal to improve streaming and downloads - is there something similar in Lineage? And if yes where can it be deactivated

When I’m at home or at work I’m constantly connected to WiFi and mobile network simultaneously, and I never experience any noticeable battery drain.
Furthermore I have WiFi always on in standby, which could perhaps drain the battery but in my case doesn’t.

I just deactivated the notification about available public WiFi networks because I mostly don’t connect to them anyway. I don’t think that does something important apart from the notifications, because in the WiFi settings I can see all those WiFi networks around me anyway, so scanning for them doesn’t stop.

There are some advanced WiFi settings in the developer settings, perhaps you could try whether they have any effect at all … changing the setting for handover from WiFi to mobile network or for mobile network constantly activated could be worth a test run.
If that doesn’t do anything, I don’t think this is an OS thing.

Im going to try the dev settings -will report …

Another random observation (and I’m not nearly as techy as other contributors here). My FP2 battery seems to have been draining very fast, and in particular had drained overnight. I read the advice on the forums: (Battery problem at night, which is for FP1 but seemed relevant).

So I decided to try draining it right down. At 3pm today it was on battery saver, saying it had 1% and 4 mns left, but then didn’t move for 30 mns. It’s now 6.55pm and I’ve been listening to Spotify on my phone since then, and it’s still going strong. It sees that battery life may be fine but the battery indicator is faulty and has been giving false alarms.

Can I reset it?

One approach to recalibrate may be to drain it completely and recharge completely afterwards. It might be necessary to repeat this procedure up to three times. Your mileage may vary.

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Thanks, StephanK. That’s kinda what I’ve been doing. It’s just finishing draining down for the 3rd time :frowning:

I kept Spotify running on my phone yesterday evening to see how long it took until the battery ran right down. Most of that time it was on wifi, but for a short time I was out and it was on 3G. It indicated 1% and 4 mns left for over 9 hours, and finally buzzed that the power was going off at quarter past midnight.

This morning, I’ve updated it and installed an update, and the battery use graph shows that it was at 100% from shortly before 11am to about 12.40 pm, so for about 90 minutes, and then it fell to 1% within about 10 minutes, with 6 secs left. I’ve not been using it during this time, it’s just been on standby, on the wifi. It lasted about 5 minutes, and has now gone into a reboot loop on the black and white screen.

Since then, I managed to recharge up to 100%, and it lasted about 1.5 hours on that charge before running down again.

All very mysterious. Any other thoughts welcome. It’s got a new battery (ordered from Fairphone), that I put in three days ago as I thought that these battery problems might be because it needed a new battery.

I think I may have to read up about how to take it apart and see if some of the connections need cleaning or something.

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I updated to the latest 16.10 build of LO and I notice huge improvements on the battery side. The phone lost hardly any charge yesterday and the indicator is predicting 6d (yes, six days) battery capacity. Good Work :slight_smile:


a little update from side besides that most people are of the opinion that battery life depends heavily on mobile network signal strength.
I’ve made some contradictorily experience in this regard.

Although the signal quality is mainly good predicted battery life is shorter as when signal quality is mainly bad.

shorlty aftwards the signal quality was mixed but battery lasted a way longer

After I had done the last screenshot I used the phone a bit but put it aside a couple of minutes later. That triggered something what caused the battery to drain as shown in the screenshots above but I cannot explain what it is.
Any troubleshooting with BBB and the support of the guys moderating [APP][2.1+][7 jan. - V2.2.2] BetterBatteryStats on XDA didn’t help either.

Unfortunately I don’t have an app what shows me app etc activity history (not as a summery as in BBB), so I could narrow down the trouble maker.
Does anyone know a proper app?

My hope lies know in Xposed and Amplify, what can know be installed on LineageOS run FP2


Well, in the first two pictures, bbs wants to tell you that the phone didn’t sleep for a noticeable time. Whether this matters depends on the specific wake locks or other events it’s reporting.
Also, in my experience, i have a high variance of battery drain while sleeping, ranging from .1℅/h to 2%/h… I couldn’t nail this variance…


actually those are screenshots.
Battery drain is a way more than .1℅/h to 2%/h.

I need some tool what shows me activities per point of time not as a summery for a specific period of time. That would be very helpful to narrow down the consumers.

Sure these are screen shots, but you notification bar shows a notification from bbs. Not in the third picture.
The drain i was referring to was the idle drain

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I totally agree, best battery life ever on FP2 with 16.10 build.

I can only add more enthusiasm for this build: A long (10h) train journey yesterday hardly drained the battery compared to older LO builds despite all the power consuming factors of a train journey: Lots of mobile transmissions because of the cell changes when the train moves, data use, WiFi, listening to Music, tethering for my tablet etc.

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how?? still draining battery, but I almost no apps runs in background.
Trying to limit wakelocks by means of Privacy Guard but don’t see an impact

Well, my usage today resulted in the following observation: while using, at least in some apps, the phone was noticeably warmer. I don’t know whether i should try to investigate or wait for the next weekly, as it is known there’s some wakelock issue (though wakelocks shouldn’t matter while display is on, by definition)

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Nobody said that next weekly would fix anything :slight_smile:

I have no noticeable battery drain with LineageOS (migration from unofficial to official build didn’t make a difference).
And I had no noticeable battery drain before in Fairphone Open OS (apart from when I left the camera App on).

I didn’t take any extra measures to get there like taming WiFi or installing some battery optimizing App or something, battery life for me was and is just normal.

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Well, of course everybody expect the next weekly to fix everything :slight_smile:
We’ll see what next Tuesday will bring

(This means, of course you’re right. BTW, in my setup i don’t experience a stray wakelock.)

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