Battery drain because of (nearly) full time awake caused by "msm_ehci_host"

Dear Fairphone,

I got my brand new Fairphone 2 just this Monday. As I like fiddling around with my devices I just installed Lineage mircroG onto the device and had fun with it. The only thing I’m struggling with is the really fast drained battery of my FP2.
Since LineageOS is not supported right away I installed Fairphone Open 17.11.2. Using it for two days now made fun too (Lineage microG performs a much better user experience IMHO) but the fast battery drain still stays.
Of course I tried to troubleshoot the issue with the help of with no luck.
After some reading in the forum I tried Wakelock Detector and this is what I got:

So I consider “USB host something to cause the wake locks thus the fast battery drain.
Which leads me to this question:

Which devices are physically connected to the USB and (logical, like &&) are not used the same way by different users? (@fairphone: Forward this question to the developers please.)
Two guesses:

  • Proximity sensor (PS)
  • µSD card reader

As of writing these lines I decided to test the first item. I run WaveUp which makes life with a mobile very convenient by using the PS. So I uninstalled the app. What can I say? The app has gone for an hour or something and from that point on the ‘Awake’ graph seems to just light up where the screen is on too. Thats what I wanted for battery life time! :slight_smile:
But I want to make use of WaveUp again. So dear fairphone developers please spend some (more) time fixing the proximity sensor. (I understand that the PS seems to make much trouble, right? I’ve never seen a smart phone which needs to bring a “Proximity Sensor Tool”, which I of course used before troubleshooting my issue.)

The calibration is necessary because the proximity sensor is on the top module, but it needs to ‘look’ through a hole in the display module, which is detachable and can thus move a bit when being detached or attached. I’d say your problem is not a bad calibration/incorrect sensor reading.

The battery drain with certain sensor apps was reported by other users too after the upgrade from Android 5 to 6. I do not know whether it has already been filed in the Fairphone bug tracker.

It has not as it has only been added to the bug tracker recently:

The following is the corresponding forum topic, please continue there or in the bug tracker: