Battery charging problem

Hello fellow forumlings!

Phone stats:

Since yesterday, my phone seems to have stopped loading my batteries.

I have two batteries.

New battery (bought in October 2018@)
Phone is off
I plug in the charger (same as since three years)
Phone boots straight to Android
LED blinking red
Lock screen says: “Battery loading”
Battery icon on the top right shows its charging

LED does not light up to show its charging
Battery details says “not charging”

Old battery (came with the phone years ago)
Phone off
I plug in the charger (same as since three years)
Phone goes into BIOS charging mode (charging animation shown)
LED lights up to indicate charging
Cannot boot into OS by long pressing the power button

So… Thats a little bit of a pickle there

I tried:
4 different cables
2 chargers
One PC

I seem to have one battery that lets me boot into OS, but doesnt charge and one that charges, but doesnt let me boot onto OS. Also, my phone is giving me mixed messages about it charging or not.

Bit of a pickle… Especially since I am in Thaiand, so getting any replacement parts would be… Challenging. Any help or ideas very much apprecieated.

Try booting without the phone being plugged in.
Your first screenshot says you run Android 6, but somehow this sounds like issue #26 in the Android 7 bugtracker.

For the other battery, try the #deepdischarged guide.

thank you for he tips. I am following the guide now. Both batteries are discharged now.

No battery
Phone does the reboo thing as described in he deep discharge guide

old battery;
Phone off
Plug in charger (One guest at the guesthouse loaned me his, so I now have three chargers to try)
LED blinks rapidly
After 5 minutes LED lights up steady
After 5 to 10 Minues, LED goes back to blinking again

new battery test coming up

new battery
Phone off
Plug in charger (One guest at the guesthouse loaned me his, so I now have three chargers to try)
LED blinks rapidly
After 5 minutes LED lights up steady
after 1 hour it goes to OS, no charging, and then shuts down,
then blinking, then led stays on, then boots to os, shows battery 0% @ 37 degrees, shuts down, blinking, repeat.

That’s very strange. It shouldn’t try to boot on it’s own.
Maybe try to boot to recovery after the LED was steady for some time. Recovery shouldn’t drain the battery much so maybe it’s able to charge there.

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it never gets to any point where i could start it myself. doesnt respond to any input i give it using power or volume button. i plug in, it blinks, then the loading animation with steady red led, shortly after it powers down, then blinking, then steady red led with the loading animation again. top module warms up quite a bit though.

took out both sims and the sd card, will keep on trying.

Then maybe your power button is stuck.
Have you tried without the cover yet?

yes, all this is done while the phone is naked.
paper on the bottom of the battery to make sure its connected
next ill try is removing the bottom module.

Take the battery out and unplug the phone, then press the power button a bunch of times. This sometimes fixes issues with the power button caused by static stored - for lack of better understanding of electronics - “in the power button”.

If nothing else helps I only have 2 tips left:

  • see if you find anything helpful in this long topic
    • e.g. have you tried to fix the battery with a folded paper, to make sure the battery doesn’t have a bad contact with the phone?
  • try to find someone with a working FP2 near you - e.g. the #fairphoneangels - and swap parts until you know which one(s) are faulty.

done. when i start it into any boot mode, it goes back to blinking mode and the loading screen again.

it feels like its not getting enough power to keep the phone "awake enough’ to maintain the charging

no angels in thailand…

This test usually means that the bottom module works, but I don’t think it tests that the bottom module allows for sufficient charging. I recently had someone with a similar problem and a positive test, but it was still the bottom module’s fault.

taking the bottom module apart, cleaning it and putting it back together didnt help either.
i will now connect it to my power bank and put both into the fridge to see if temperature is an issue

i am starting to get a feeling that i will need to buy a new phone here in thailand… :frowning:

well, refrigerator didnt help either. im kinda running out of options…

new observation;
my powerbank lights up when power is drawn from it.

phone off
plug in powerbank - FP2 led blinks red in short intervals - Powerbank lights on
FP2 goes into loading animation mode, led steady red - Powerbank lights go off
FP2 goes back to short interval mode - Powerbank lights on
Sometimes after a couple of times going short interval/loading animation mode, FP2 boots directly into OS - Powerbank lights go off

I will be travelling southeast asia until the end of january. I might order a new bottom module, but where to? I am not at one place for long at any time… FP doesnt even deliver spare parts to Thailand/Cambodia or Vietnam

… I think they sell universal external chargers (with adjustable contacts to fit different batteries) in shops all over the world, too. And buying locally takes care of power socket design and voltage.

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thank you. i will see if i can find such a device in maehong son where i am atm.

Found a charger in Cambodia. I can now charge one battery while loading the other one. It takes about 7 hours and stops charging at 85 - 93%.

Sometimes Fairphone shuts down because of “No battery”. The charger then shows its at 50% capacity still. After 3 hours it stops charging. Back in the FP it shows its at 93% again.

This is how having to charge the batteries externally looks like.

Note: “Random / Sonstige” now is at 91% although I am in essence doing a battery reset as described in the #batteryguide.

Fun fact:
Each random reboot “costs” about 5 - 10% battery life (see the steep drops in the screenshot above).

I buyed a FP2 and in the second charge it wasn’t charged. And battery goes down quickly. Do you now the battery life to FP2?


Please see the #batteryguide.
Note that while warranty for the rest of the phone is two years, warranty for the battery is one year, see here.