Battery charger&work-time

Hi, just bought a new battery. How can I improve the work-time? What is the right charger to use?

Here you will find a list of chargers which are in use of other FP2 users. Also there is some more quite interesting background information provided.
Another thread about charging can be found here.

Generally spoken if you don’t shortly need the full capacity keep the charge level between ~20%-80%.

Maybe you are also interested about this.

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what about the charger, the list is long…better 1A or more?

I tend to the more the better if looking for a new charger, as there cannot be any damage caused with a higher current rate but also other (more power hungry) devices charged with it if necessary. At last it is a matter of price and need.
FP2 draws up to ~1.4A max. So with a 1,5A rated charger you should be able to keep the charge time moderate while also using the phone maybe while playing or browsing.
The rating printed on the chargers label in many cases does not precisely reflect the actual voltage and power being provided.
It may come close, but very often it’s less and a charger rated with 1A may not be able to provide enough voltage and current to do a proper charging.
Charging could take longer or not provide enough current while the phone is in use so the charge level keeps decreasing although it’s plugged.
Fixed cables in some cases can also be of low quality (too thin wire gauge) not providing the full output to the device.
All this is a matter of quality and also personal experience.
BTW. a higher charge current will also cause a higher heat dissipation on the phone which will interrupt the charge process at ~42°. This can be irritating.

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