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I have some questions about charging. I know this topic was discussed quite often, but I would like to add something.

At first I would recommend to re-structure the community list of chargers.
I know and I already recognized on my own that some chargers simply work and others not. At least I understood that 5V and 1A as output is important for a charger. Up to now I can confirm this. I would recommend that we somehow re-structure the charger list. The comments about issues in brackets, does not provide a good overview, from my perspective. At least for those who just look for a working charger.
I would say it might be a good idea, to separate the list into working chargers (at least no issues reported yet chargers) and chargers which lead to a freeze of the touch screen and other issues. Another maybe interesting category is car chargers (separated from normal ones). I know it is a wiki article and I can edit it, but I just wanted to ask for your opinion at first.

The second thing is: Is anybody out there who knows, if the FP2 supports Quick Charge?
I found this thread:

The SoC of the FP2 is a Snapdragon 801 Processor from Qualcomm. So I would say the answer in the thread above is wrong. It should support quick charge.
As quick charge somehow finds the correct output power while charging different devices, a Quick Charge >= v2 supporting charger should always work. Or am I wrong?

Thanks for any helpful answer/feedback.

I would say the answer is correct. Not every smartphone featuring this Qualcomm SoC has the capability and the support from its manufacturer to quickcharge.

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Thanks for this answer. Can you explain this a bit more in detail? What has the manufacturer to do to make it possible/working?

The SoC does not charge the battery itself, there is a separate charge controller for that. On page 29-31 of the document at https://www.qualcomm.com/documents/quick-charge-device-list you can see which controllers are certified by Qualcomm for Quick Charge 2.0 (supposing that is the right Quick Charge version; for versions 1 and 3 there are lists elsewhere in the document).

I do not know the charge controller used in the Fairphone 2. The iFixit guide which shows most of the chips in the phone, does not mention it.


Thanks @AlbertJP for your reply!
At least we are a bit closer to an reliable answer now. So we just need the information which charge controller is in the FP2 to solve this little riddle.

I’m more or less sure that if there is a supported Quick Charge version it probably will be version 2. Even the SoC is not charging the device directly (as explained, I don’t know technical details, I would trust your post simply as it sounds logical to me), there is only Quick Charging support for version 2 in it’s Specs (I linked at my first post).


Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ Support

  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 technology

So I assume/hope that there is somebody out there who knows what kind of charger controller is in the FP2 or at least someone knows who to ask (at least the support should know it, I think).

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Well I took offense at your comments on the validity of my intel but instead of assaulting you during your sleep I’ll try to provide constructive comments.

iFixit actually gives the information you want. Fairphone 2 uses the Qualcomm PM8841 PMIC which is the power management component you are looking for. I have seen several discussions on whether the OnePlus One (which has the same PMIC) could support QuickCharge 2.0 but none were conclusive. Some pages mention both PM8841 and QC2.0 but only when using dual PMICs.

Fairphone’s support page clearly states that FP2’s max charge Voltage/Current is 5V/1A or 5W which is very low (less than what QuickCharge 1 offers). My wager would be that the battery is low-quality and cannot be charged too quickly.

On top of this, I will maybe do some tests on power management. You can find info about this on a rooted phone by visiting /sys/class/power_supply/.

Um, that’s what they say on that page, but I’ve installed the app “Ampere” on my FP2, and I’ve clearly seen it charge with more then 1A :slight_smile:

My charger can deliver up to 2A, and the FP2 can take up to (almost) 1.5A. Obviously, that’s still below QuickCharge 1 standards, of course :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer. I just wanted to point out that I never had the intention to abuse or attack you in person. I just wanted a reliable answer to this. (in addition the link you provided in your post in the past did not work anymore. Eventually there were some helpful information in it as well.)

So if you felt attacked by me -> sorry at this point!

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To sum this up:

Soc: Snapdragon 801 Processor from Qualcomm
-> supports Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 technology

Charger Controller: Qualcomm PM8841 PMIC
As far as I can see on the list/pdf @AlbertJP provided, it does not support any Quick Charge version (as it is not listed).

Even an App like “Ampere” (never used it as it is closed source) shows that the Fairphone takes more than the recommanded 1A @Arvil is probably right that there might be some more facts which should be considered (battery quality etc. …).
Regarding the charging power a FP2 really takes: Some kind of USB Power Meter would give a better and more exact answer as an App probalby also cannot measure it exactly.
Anyway, I think when someone is charging the phone with more power than recommended, he/she should also monitor the temperature and if there are other side effects like freezing touch screen etc. …

Finally it is more ore less sure now that the FP2 does not support any version kind of Quick Charge.

If no one wants to add something I think we can close this thread.

Official answer from support (I cantacted them after writing this post in Nov 2017):

Dear …,

… Quick charge is not support by the Fairphone, because it isn’t option on the Fairphone. It might be something we can use in the future (upgrading the modules responsible for loading or even in a new phone). …

Best regards

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Thanks for pointing out the PM8841 is the charging controller.

It is indeed true that the FP2 charges with 1,5A at most. Ampere shows about 1300mA as a bit of current is used to power the screen and SoC if you are looking at Ampere. Why there is 1A in the specs, I don’t know.

It’s a joke mate, just a joke. I’d never assault you in your sleep (it’s much more fun to do it during the day ;)).

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